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The Royal Treatment begins with a promise. A promise that your flowers will be grown only using natural and organic methods to produce flowers that satisfy your senses. Many states require pesticide testing for cannabis. Arizona does NOT, yet we test all of our poduct to prove our cleanliness of our flower.  We strive to set the example for the best quality and taste possible from this magnificent plant.

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Hope's cookies

Every time I go to my dispensary they're always out of hope's cookies which they can keep more in stock Tucson

Rolls choice and lemonhead OG

Excellent flowers, smoky, musky, piney and tangy are the descriptions I give their profiles. I notice a clear difference in the way it burns vs. other grows. It really is cured perfectly. Thumbs up!!

5 stars cause I love you

but I have to say selling out to harvest has hurt so much. they're such a money hungry dispensary and the patient interaction is always whatever. I really hope they represent your products the way they need to be because we miss them in other shops where the budtenders hyped your weed up the most. we all know you have some of the best in AZ but I can't deal with Harvest. Not one time have I been in there and they have not been rude or rushy just because I'm a little indecisive. no recommendations just "indica or sativa" finger points