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Raw Garden delivers pure Cannabis concentrates to the masses. Our team consists of multi-generational farmers, nerdy scientists, and heady enthusiasts all devoted to organic farming and clean Cannabis. Our products are crafted from fresh frozen material cultivated at our Clean-Green Certified farms. You won't find any trim or artificial terpenes here. We are your trusted single source.


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Raw Garden stands out in a community full of fakes and phony’s. I never bought from the clubs or deliveries. I always thought it was overpriced and the taxes really killed it for me. But I started following them on instagram first and left a couple questions on there page and they got back to me faster than my baby mamma texts me back! All of these companies have there heads pumped up that they forget why they started in the first place, we’ll atleast why they SHOULD have started in the first place. Raw Garden made me feel welcome into spending that little extra money for cleaner meds. I feel like I’m getting my terps from a friend and what better way to go about smoking than supporting a friend while doing it! Berry white and citrus badlands for the win!

#1 Live Resin

Hey my name is Jonathan Alvarez im 24 years old and suffer from chronic back pain and tendinitis. Most of the time im always in pain but that's where the rawgarden comes in and make all the pain go away. I either vape or dab on the live resin sauces daily. Id say they are the best in flavor and terpiness hands down you can really tell why they take home all the awards. My favorite of the full grams is the Beary Punch in my opinion it's everything you want in a hybrid but just enough indica dominant traits to have you feeling like your getting massaged lol. You would have to be crazy spending on any other company the full gram are actually very easy on your pockets you can tell Rawgarden cares not like other greedy companies selling their full grams as expensive as $90 and not even up to the quality of a rawgarden. Dont sleep on them be sure to go to your nearest dispensary and give them a try

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My name is Moe. I suffer from severe PTSD, Crohn’s disease and several other stomach diseases. I also have Ménière’s disease. I am nonstop anxious, and stomach pain, dizzy, nauseous and in intense vertigo. I have to say for many years I was overcharged and was unable to medicate properly even as a medical patient! I am a connoisseur and I need extremely high-quality strain specific medicine and one day I found out about this wonderful company. Raw Garden Changed my life. Rock garden offered me the ability to get not only the highest quality clean sauce and Dabs for me to be able to medicate on so many different levels but at the same time it is extremely affordable and truly every time leaves you more satisfied than you thought you had been even the last time you had some and then every time it continues. With Raw Garden there is no BS, These are people that truly care about getting us single sourced amazing clean and affordable medicine. Thank you!