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Pure Green | Parachute Tablets 12 Pack


If you or a friend were to get too high, Parachute will safely and effectively reduce your high starting in just FIVE MINUTES. Minty, melt under-the tongue tablets are easy to use and they’ll stay fresh in your kit for up to two years.


Maybe you went one edible too far, or maybe you need to help a friend avoid a bad experience. That’s why there’s Parachute. 


Let’s face it, THC dosing mistakes happen and it’s not always just the newbies who make them. No matter the cause, sometimes you simply no longer wish to be high. With easy-to-take Parachute sublingual tablets, now you have a way to deal with it. Pure cannabis-derived CBD (not the hemp variety) along with the right terpenes are the magic ingredients to bring a high back down, reduce paranoia, or chill unexpected anxieties.


Parachute is the responsible remedy every cannabis consumer should have in their kit.


Tablets contain 20mg of pharma-grade cannabis-derived CBD plus select terpenes. Available for sale in 2-Packs (1 dose) or convenient 12-Packs (6 Doses).