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Punch - Stinger - Watermelon Splash (2.5gs) 5 pre-rolls

Watermelon Splash Stingers are a sweet and juicy watermelon flavor that will take you back to summer. Our Stinger pre-rolls are infused with high-quality flower and each pack contains five pre-rolls that are rolled in kief to give you an extra potent smoking experiencethe relaxing and calming effects of the indica strain, making this a must-try for any indica lovers out there. With its convenient and portable packaging, you can enjoy the delicious flavor and effects of our Indica Watermelon Splash Stinger wherever you go.

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Punch Edibles & Extracts was born on the idea of providing sensibly sized, high-dose edibles at affordable prices. All of our edible products

taste great, contain minimal calories and sugar, and are accurately dosed to ensure a safe and consistent experience. Since launching in 2013, we have developed into a “full service” cannabis brand by adding an array of top tier solventless products to our catalog. From edibles to vape pens and pre-rolls, we have trusted products for every cannabis consumer.

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