Maximum draw with minimal effort

PLÜME offers high-quality vape pens that present marijuana users a dab-like experience; complete with terpenes from the original flowers infused into their cartridges. They are proud to offer a value driven cannabis product that lives up to their name, creating a plume of smoke after each exhale. PLÜME is excited to supply their state of the art marijuana products, manufactured with the utmost care and attention to detail. PLÜME offers a product that has a widespread appeal. Their goal is to connect with everyone in the cannabis community, seeking a consistent and reliable marijuana product.


PLÜME was founded in 2016 and took a year of research, development, and conception before launching. The marijuana connoisseurs part of PLÜME’s team have been working with cannabis for close to 20 years. They are delighted to lend their level of knowledge and passion for cannabis to PLÜME’s products. Their team appreciates the marijuana community and loves the tight-knit and compassionate nature among cannabis users. PLÜME aims to provide their top-quality marijuana products everywhere cannabis is legalized. They recognize that medical marijuana is needed, and much of their team are patients themselves. Supplying the helpful benefits of concentrated cannabis produced with the highest quality at a competitive rate is what makes PLÜME smoke the competition.


PLÜME offers a dab-like experience in a marijuana vape pen thanks to their specially formulated oil cartridges and unique batteries. Their team boldly explored all of the ways to improve cannabis vape batteries to provide full-bodied, smoke-filled draw with minimal effort. They have developed a two-click primer that preheats the oil, making it more viscous and creating an optimized inhale. Focusing on infusing with strain-specific terpenes makes PLÜME’s cartridges achieve the rich flavor and aroma of the original cannabis plant. Customers won’t compromise after trying PLÜME, and their vaping experience supplies all the benefits of dabbing in a convenient pen. PLÜME tests all of their cannabis products for purity and potency through SC Labs.

PLÜME sources their cannabis from outdoor, sun-grown marijuana flowers. Cultivated by growers that PLÜME’s team have developed a relationship with during the first waves of the marijuana movement. They are grateful to be partnered with other passionate marijuana connoisseurs that are just as dedicated as PLÜME to bring the best to the cannabis market.