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5 stars

Customer service is bad

I emailed customer service because they overcharged me & they didn’t respond. I DM’d customer service on Twitter & they didn’t respond. It wasn’t until I messaged them on Facebook that they did respond, but they do take way more than 2-3 business days to respond. They keep making up excuses not to give me my refund on what they overcharged me so I’m never ordering from here again.


definitely didn't help and just a waste of money

Changed our life!

We have an 8 year old son with Autism. His major issues are anxiety, overwhelmed in social situation, changes in routine among other things. Wyatt was placed in a special program at school this year which has been a blessing. At the start of the year we were seeing alot of resistance to just about everything at school. Hittin, screaming, constant trips to the office, breaking things. We started him on CBD tincture on September 30th. Two days ago January 8th i had a quarterly meeting with his teachers and was beside myself when they told me how amazing my son os doing. His math scores came up top of his class. His reading has gone up 2 levels. And as a part of his progrm they keep track of all time out of the classroom and he is at less then 4% while the school average is 6%. These little victories add up. He is a happy fun kid. He is becoming brave and willing to try new things. Pharmxracts has changed our life and our family. Thank you from my heart. Nichole Daum


Fantastic product. Virtually no taste and its impressively effective. I'd heard this company puts out a very high quality product and have found that to be true. I love that I know the strength of what i'm taking.

it's incredible ...!

I deal with alot of anxiety and PTSD from my past and a friend of mine suggested I tried one of their vapor pens insane literally mind-blowing how well it worked I couldn't even believe it and the taste wasn't absolutely fantastic I can believe how well their products work I've tried other CBD products not even a fraction as effective trust me" don't try" anywhere else But pharmaxtracts ! I mean it there the way !

My anxiety is in control

Didn't think I'd ever find something that would control my anxiety as much as this does. I had a low dose anxiety med that would help.. But still had anxiety attacks. I was using another pen that helped but was so hard to use. I did some looking and found pharmaxtracts. Proably the best thing I've ever invested in for myself! My anxiety/attacks are few and far between now. It's crazy to think something like this would do better than my medication. I've been using this about 5 or 6 months now I think and I've slowly stopped taking my anxiety medication and I'm strickly just using this pen. It's amazing to not have to take a pill and just used this a few times a day and have ZERO anxiety! All I can say is thank you and just made another order! Can't wait till it gets here!

Love this product!

I have Tourette’s Syndrome and PharmaXtracts has helped my tics and also has calmed my anxiety. I am forever grateful to the ManBoy Mafia for introducing me to these products!

Best to ever do it

About 10 years ago I got into a bad car wreck and had major head trauma and always had headaches nothing ever helped doctors cat scans couldn’t find nothing. When the MBM hooked up with pharmaxtracts I tried it and I was shocked about 15-30mins headache was gone and felt amazing. Now my mom is taking it and she was dropped a lot of her pain pills this stuff is great. That’s why they’re the best to ever do it mbm

Amazing company, products and staff

I have suffered major anxiety and depression for the past few years, depression to the point of suicide.... I heard about CBD and thought it was a waste. But then I actually gave it a try because I had nothing to lose at that point. I now and depression free and fight anxiety every now and then. It's honestly a life changing product. I would recommend to anybody! Also the staff their are one in a million! Thank y'all for everything and your hard work and dedication into really wanting to change so many people's life! Now and my forever my day by day quote because of yall "Changing one life at a time" mine was definitely changed. MBM for life 💚💜💙❤️💛


Great stuff!!!

Totally Awesome Product!

This product is amazing, definitely going to keep referring all my friends. Thank you Shaunnie and thank you pharmextract for being so affordable for this single mama❤️🧡💜💚❤️💛


Awesome product works


This is the best product out there by far!! I suffer from depression and anxiety issues. I doubted it at first but the MBM kept proving me wrong with the results he was sharing on Snapchat. So I had to try it for myself.... And I have no doubts ANYMORE!! Thank you sooo much MBM and Pharmaxtracts💙💜💙💜💙💜 SPREAD LOVE 💙💜💙💜💙💜

Best ever

This product is probably one of the best cbd's I've ever had

Life Changing

Best product out there. Since making my first purchase with pharma life has changed in amazing ways for myself, my friends and my family. - I enjoy getting out of bed now in the morning and I have no issues going to sleep in the evening. - No longer taking unsafe anxiety and pain meds. - No longer have TVs desire to smoke. - I have gained patience and just enjoy life. If you are the fence try it!! It’s worth a brand new life.

Best thing I ever tried!

I had scoliosis at age 10 and rods placed in. It helped greatly. At age 17 I was in an atv accident which left me chair bound with a spinal cord injury. I also have inherited sciatica. I am about to be 31 years old and felt like I'm in my 60's. I was told I would never feel or move again. I have full feeling and can move yet it did hurt with having spasms. I have been suffering from chronic pain. Going to the ER to check me out was getting to be a pain. Having these setbacks took away my ability to stretch or even workout. I tried PharmaXtracts and fell head over heels. The items have truly worked with relaxing my body. Those spasms started to disappear and I have started taking steps with my husband. Using the vape helps with the pain I wake up to every morning. It helps my body feel young again and like I stated, I am doing things that I never imagined I would do again.I can finally workout at the gym and stretch. It has brought me back to feeling like I almost did before my injury. It feels great going on vacations and trips with my husband and my chronic pain is not such an issue anymore. Thank you so very much!

Tried it loved it

Watch shaunie on snap chat. I have tried the pineapple peel pee head. It helped me and it's a great product.

Shaunie Stylez Referal ♥️💜💙💚

I watch Shaunie on Snapchat and he kept taking about CBD and how much it could help. The more he talked about it the more intrigued I became so I finally ordered me the vape pen! OMG! It has helped with my anxiety sooooo much! Its just crazy how I have tried so many meds and NONE of them helped and I got the cbd vape and BAM!!! I can breathe!!!! I highly recommend this product!!!!!!!


First and for most! I would like to thank Pharmaxtracts for the high quality product.. My mom has stomach cancer as well as arthritis! This product has helped her stomach calm down. So that she can eat again and not have so much pain! With the arthritis, it has helped her get around 100 times better and taken the pain down dramatically. There is a lot of FAKE CBD OIL out in the market. We’ve tried 5 other types and this one has hit home for her! Thank you again Pharmaxtracts for making quality product! 💙💚💛💙💚💛💜💙


I have been suffering from chronic pain due to scoliosis and hip dysplasia. I was going to a chiropractor twice a week . I was told by my doctor that I need to be working a job where I am always sitting because of how much pain I was in. Then I found Pharmaxtracts and there products. I have been using there CBD product for about a year now. I am happy to say that I have completely stopped going to the chiropractor and I am almost pain free and I am able to pursue my dream working in the exotic Auto body industry. I would also like to thank Levi and all the guys at Pharmaxtracts for all that they have done changing one life at a time.