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PharmaXtracts sells the finest, purest CBD products at the lowest prices with the highest quality you will find anywhere. With over three decades of combined experience in the industry PharmaXtracts is a band of brothers who decided the market needed a serious intervention. No longer could we stand by and let false information be perpetuated and insignificant doses be taken by people seeking to mitigate their chronic and debilitating conditions.  PharmaXtracts ships worldwide direct to door. “Changing the world one person at a time”.


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Glad to have run into Pharma ExtractsI’ve finally found one that works for my anxiety and pain,degenerative disc disease, arthritis I also suffer sciatica, & chronic fatigue." “This is by far the best cbd I’ve tried. It’s a miracle for my migraines." Since Switching over from flower to CBD's I have to honestly say it has been the best decision I've made. being pain free and having a clear mind. definitely a win win Thanks to PHARMA EXTRACTS. CBD Crystalline Tincture 250mg 2 times daily has made my life complete. I have a long journey ahead of me But I aint scared or in pain anymore. once in the morning when i get up, then once at night about an hour before bed seems to be working well with me. I've also pick up some CBD Crystalline Vape Pen "Winter Ice Disposable Pen for when I'm on the go. Being able to leave my home for longer and 30 min has lifted up my spirits. I had an Industrial Injury at work. which was no fault of my own which require major surgery to my upper and lower spine. I have 2 Grocery Bags full of "POISION" as a reminder off how life used to be as a Vegetable, stuck on the couch or in Bed for 3 long years. miserable and lonely. Missing out on family time time. I will Gladly tell everyone i run into about PHARMA EXTRACTS & ABOUT CDB'S. Thanks you. The Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!


I found PharmaXtracts when our 4 year was dying of cancer. I was in desperate need of help because the rare form of childhood liver cancer had spread to her brain and the tumors were causing her to seizure. Desperate for answers and help I had sent a message to see if there's anything they could do to help. Within a few minutes my phone was ringing and a gentleman by the name of Levi was on the other end asking me questions and giving me all the information and answers we needed. Having quite a bit of knowledge myself in cannabis and cancer I was quickly impressed with Levi who helped ease my concerns as his knowledge was greater than mine. He put me in touch we a sweetheart by the name of Regina who helped me get my order placed and shipped in record time. The catch here is we live in Iowa and our little girl and her mother were flying to Florida that morning so she could go to Disney on her Make A Wish trip. The very next morning the shipment of CBD was there bright and early at the resort waiting. Because of PharmaXtracts she had the best time of her life seizure free for the entire time she was on her Disney trip. I can assure you that the CBD stopped all seizures because there was about a 12 hour window after getting back from her trip that she didn't have CBD until the next shipment arrived and the seizures were back in full force and none of the modern medicine the Dr's gave her made a difference for hours and hours. PharmaXtracts is the real deal and I say this with 100% confidence because after our little girl passed on her 4th day of birth we planned a trip to Las Vegas and on that trip I went to PharmaXtracts office and we met their team to personally thank them for making our little girl's last trip enjoyable for everyone because without that CBD there's no doubt in my mind she would have had seizures the entire time and spent that trip back in the hospital and probably would have passed there instead of home in her mother's arms peacefully like she did. Since then I have remained in contact with Levi and the team and would consider them all part of our family and we now use several different products that they sell. I'm willing to bet you will not find better all around company than PharmaXtracts. Their customer service is top notch, their products are top notch, their price point is very competitive, the mg's of CBD are actually enough to be beneficial for medical use where so many companies sell insignificant amounts of CBD for a premium, and the knowledge of the team is superior. Thank you, PharmaXtracts for making our little girl's last days something she could enjoy.

Life changing

1 and a half years ago my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung and lymph node cancer. Doctors told us she was to far gone for treatments. So i started her on 7500mg cbd drops. Now she in remission.