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5 stars

A better life

I was first introduced to P&B in 2017 and it completely changed my life.... As an avid CBD/topical user I was very intrigued by the passion I heard from the Rep when speaking about the products so I immediately purchased a 1:1 patch, 1:3 balm and 30:1 tincture. WOOOW I never knew what "normal" felt like until using this product, in 2006 I was hit by a car and suffered a slipped disc as well as a pre-diagnosed ANxiety disorder which seemed to get worse after my accident. I use the 30:1 as a daily "vitamin" to help manage my pain and help with my anxiety. I was able to get off pain killers and Xanax. My health improved and even notice some changes in my skin from using the balm. Incredible, incredible products. Thank you!

Life Changing

This line has seriously changed my life!!! I microdose on the tinctures to help with my depression, anxiety and not to mention my migraines! The balms are a great way to achieve that, when out and about rubbing it on my temples and the back of my neck as well. oh yeah, and I love using the body oil as my everyday moisture or it's also great for sunburns and any topical skin issues. I could really go on and on about how amazing this product line is!! Feeling blessed to have come across it!

Thanks Papa & Barkley -My introduction to dabbing

I was recently introduced to dabbing. I was a bit hesitant at first, because the process seemed somewhat intimidating. After hearing about how much smoother it is and healthier for me, I opted to give it a try. My friends recommended I try Papa & Barkley's new concentrate line, Select, and man, can I tell you, this was the best feeling I've had in a long time. I tried the "Sweet Candy" it was delicious... The flavors were bursting in my mouth. The feeling as mentioned was sooooo nice. I absolutely love that this brand does not use any solvents in their process and that I am getting the full benefits of the plant without any added chemicals. I will so recommend this product to my friends and am so excited that I have just discovered a new way to micro-dose through-out the day. 5 Thumbs up!!!!!

Glade That i got introduced to this brand

Great products and don't smell like your a walking weed plant !! Lol 😀 I use it from my headache time to time and also back and knee pain !!

No change

I used it twice and I don't feel anything and no help for my joint pain. I give five star because I can't tell since I just started using it. I will report it again in a week.

love it

1:3 balm is awsome!

AMAZING- Not enough stars

They have so many epic products that have helped myself and my family. Killing it

P&B makes some of the best topicals on the market hands down. Definitely try their product if you’re a fan of Cannabinoid balms

1:1 w thca is life!!

soooo hard to find in my area. love this product bc its perfect for daily life. tastes good, works great. love it!!

Good Stuff

The flavor of tincture is great for my taste.

The best I have used.

magical powers here

Papa & Barkley's saved me

Thank you for helping me get my life back.

Top Shelf brand & products

I first became familiar with Papa & Barkley when working in a shop. The rumours are true! This company is not only consumer-minded, they're involved. The more I discover, the more I Love! No wonder they use the ampersand! Amazing company & products & integrity & potency &...

F****** magical

For the passed yeah I have been bed ridden with serve Lyme disease that causes really bad off balance , brain fog , head/ear/sinus pressure, anxiety and depression. I have been on antibiotic treatment for 8 months now and tried numerous med and nothing helped so I took a shot in the dark and tried this product and within 10 minutes about 80% of my symptoms were gone . I almost cried I was so happy . I’m trying to figure out how to get my dosages right since im new to this but it seems to work for around 3 hours each dose. I highly recommend .

The best pain reliever ever

I’ve been usinger Leaf Balm 3-1 since May. It relieves aches and pains and stops headaches in their track !!


I fractured my patella over a decade ago and never received treatment because I didn’t even know the injury was so severe. It came back to bite me in the butt. This is the only stuff that has given me comfortable relief. I work in a physically demanding job and I use it daily. If I could buy it by the gallon, I would.

Relief from Releaf!

I was in a bike accident over 40 years ago that plagues my neck and shoulder and I am so grateful to have found Releaf. I've been taking Lyrica for the past 5 years or so and it helps-ish along with 600mg of ibuprofen, but as we all there are side-effects and long-term use is not encouraged. About 2 years ago I was in a dispensary and they had a jar open as a sample and while waiting in line I put some on my neck. OMG - sigh - relief, really. The cream itself melts so nicely into my skin and provides really nice friction for massage. My skin has never felt better (now that is a side effect I like!) It lasts for about an hour or so and the nice thing is that when it does come back, it rolls in slowly not wham all back at once and screaming. I use it right before bed which allows me to fall asleep as I feel the pain of the day slip away. It does have somewhat of a mild medicinal smell but I find it to be calming not sharp and overwhelming like Ben-Gay. I've tried other brands and keep coming back to P&B. I seek dispensaries that sell it and advocate for it to the ones that don't. If you suffer from chronic pain, try it, try it, try it.
charly johnston

The best topical that i have tried.

For my low back pain I have tried several topical solutions, and the best by far is Papa & Barkley 1:3. About 5 minutes after I apply Papa & Barkley 1:3 my pain becomes significantly less or goes away. It lasts twice as long as the other topical which I had been using. The other topical which I had been using smelled strongly of marijuana and caused me to feel like a person of suspect, especially in working environments. The marijuana smell in Papa & Barkley is largely masked by the Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint and Lavender oil which is infused in the solution, so I feel comfortable working right after applying it. I highly recommend this product for anyone with chronic pain.

It really works!!

I had heard that topical cannabis is helping with everything from joint pain to sun burn. So I picked up some Papa and Barkley 3:1 balm and WOW! I have been a big smoker for over 20 years and I really thought I would be saturated with weed and the topical wouldn't do much. I was wrong. About 15 minutes after I put it on my lower back I could feel it working. After about a half hour my pain was gone! It lasted for about two hours. I reapplied it and once again the pain went away. The thing is, when the pain came back it was less and the next day my back was fine. Now I get pain there all the time and I expect it will come back. But when it does there is still a lot left in the jar!

Game on

I recently discovered this line of products when I met one of the representatives at a demonstration day she was giving at my favorite shop. She told Me about the pain patch and I can truly say this company makes great products. I love the pain balm too. Thank you!