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Pacific Stone | Wedding Cake Indica (7g)

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100% premium California cannabis that comes in 4 sizes: 1/8th (3.5g), 1/4th (7g), 1/2 oz (14g) & 1 oz (28g) pouches. A smile in every bowl of Pacific Stone's premium California flower.

Frosty and decadent. Dense buds for the ultimate couchlock (Our most popular strain)

100% premium California cannabis that comes in 4 sizes: 1/8th (3.5g), 1/4th (7g), 1/2 oz (14g) & 1 oz (28g) pouches. A smile in every bowl of Pacific Stone's premium California flower.

Frosty and decadent. Dense buds for the ultimate couchlock (Our most popular strain)

FlowerEarthyEuphoricFloweryHappyIndicaLift Your SpiritsPink CookiesRelaxedSleep SoundlySweetTHCUplifted
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197 reviews

      27 days ago
      5 stars

      Pacific stone wedding cake indica 7g

      I smoke this strain every night before bed and it always makes me have the best sleeps! :)
      11 days ago
      5 stars

      Wedding Cake 🎂

      Flavor is awesome, sweet tasting goes good in a blunt! The hi was a 10 out of 10 and the price is soo cheap for this good a bud! Highly recommended.
      3 months ago
      5 stars

      Go to and favorite

      Been smoking this strain/company for 2 years now. Cant beat the price and quality. Im not to big on the other flavors of ps but they did a great job with this cut of wedding cake. Dense nugs. Plenty of trics. Its got a Cookies nose with a earthy almost savory undertone with a dash of pine on the exhale
      2 months ago
      4 stars

      good, affordable bud

      normally i buy flower that's a little more expensive and higher quality than this, but my budget is tight rn so i decided to give this brand and strain a try. smoked it from a bong and it was great for the price. the taste and smell are nice and sweet and it's pretty smooth. the flower was packaged within the month i bought it, so it's good to know i didn't get old weed. it's a nice option for anyone wanting to save a little money at the dispensary. it's not the best weed i've ever smoked, but i'll buy it again
      3 months ago
      3 stars

      Not for me

      Bought a 14g bag at pharmacy. Didn't like how many small buds were in the bag. Lots of leaf and stem. Smoke was average, but decent value for the money.
      4 days ago
      1 star

      Never received

      Never received the order.
      29 days ago
      1 star

      Never received order!

      This is a complete lie! "Our records indicate that your order from Blazed Utopia has been picked up" The last couple of orders has been a disaster...get there and your order is OUT but we have this for more money! Not sure will go back with other shops opening up nearby.
      11 months ago
      5 stars

      My go-to

      Pacific Stone is my go-to. It's the only top shelf brand that's actually affordable for a daily smoker such as myself. A lot of people will say that Pacific Stone is mids, but really I think that's only by the snobbiest of snobby California connoisseur standards. This weed is strait fire. No, the thc content isn't 30% like weed that costs 60$ per 8th, but it'll still get you high as hell. And the high is QUALITY. Real stoners know that a quality high and a high thc content high are not necessarily the same thing. And the cure is perfect on this weed. It looks, smells, and tastes beautiful, and it burns really really nicely. In my experience the Wedding Cake seems to be cured with bongs/bowls in mind, while the 805 Glue and Blue Dream strains are cured for rolling. In conclusion, unless you are one of those snobby connoisseur types, you will enjoy this weed exactly as much as you would enjoy the pricier stuff.
      1 year ago
      5 stars


      nobody buy this it’s terrible just leave it on the shelf for me I’ll handle it. But for real this is stupid good bud for a stupid low price.
      2 years ago
      5 stars

      Decent for dollar; 1 gram underweight

      Satisfied with effect for cost. Pleasant taste, but not strong. My 7 grams weighed 6 grams at home, not happy about that. Decent prepackaged cannabis at good dollar point.
      2 years ago
      5 stars


      This is my first time using this app and I was surprised with this product. I was looking for 3.5g to last me until Monday and came across this product. 7g for $55 delivered to my door step and the reviews were good. I figured these were just amateur smokers. Lol I decide to try it and It’s actually good quality especially out the bong. 👌🏽 The Staff was professional, delivery guy called ahead to give you ETA and he was professional as well. I will recommend to friends and always use your services when waiting on my flowers to arrive : )
      2 years ago
      5 stars

      Bang for your buck

      The quality of the herb is truly outstanding for the price, it’s $50 for an 1/4 and that’s with delivery. The fact I don’t have to leave the comfort of my house and get this quality for $50 is an ABSOLUTE STEAL!! More people need to know the brand PACIFC FUCKIN STONE🔥🔥
      2 years ago
      5 stars

      Wedding Cake

      I picked up some last night and I have to order more before I run out 😅🤣 but you guys are dope. Great drivers and most importantly bomb a*s weed 💣 fr ! Everything’s frosty, I usually get Yoda of for 40$ or like some sherbert for 40 but I decided to try to 1/4 for 50 and I gotta get it again.💯
      10 months ago
      5 stars

      awesome weed

      taste like vanilla and smacks so hard 10/10
      8 months ago
      5 stars

      Better than most -

      For being cheaper this strain/brand is better than most of the expensive brands. Definitely a go to.
      9 months ago
      5 stars

      good deal

      good dealgood dealgood dealgood dealgood dealgood dealgood dealgood dealgood dealgood deal
      1 year ago
      5 stars

      Best Value Hands Down

      Bay Area cannabis prices are god awful, but Pacific Stone’s lineup is a refreshing break from paying $50 for a good eighth. Ordering from Amuse got me 7g of Wedding Cake Indica for only $35. That’s $17 per (quality) eighth. (Some places will be a bit more expensive, Amuse is simply the cheapest option) Vote with your wallet and tell gentrified, price-jacked cannabis brands that we can get great bud without them.
      1 year ago
      5 stars

      Great weed for the price!

      I was actually pretty impressed with this flower. Had a decent nose nothing too strong. Looked great and smoked good. $25 an eighth you just can't beat it. Definitely grab some flower that won't kill your budget. This is it. enjoy
      1 year ago
      5 stars

      Fire 🔥🔥🔥

      Very heavy and amazing. This is the first review I wrote about flower because it was that good and relaxing...
      2 years ago
      5 stars

      Wedding cake 🔥🔥

      Exactly what I've been looking for!! Wonderful taste Nice condense nugs!! Bomb 🔥🔥🔥