Old Pal



Accessible, affordable, and abundant, Old Pal’s vision is simple: It’s just weed, y'all. Neighbor grown and meant to be shared, our cannabis is all natural, sun-kissed, and rain-watered. Available in three simple varieties: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid - this is weed for the people. Old Pal is an ode to simpler times, when weed was just weed and joints were passed around to old pals and new ones. When neighbors knew each other by name and community meant something. So grab a bag of Old Pal and pass it around. It’s time we took care of each other.

Old Pal is currently available in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Michigan and Ohio.

State License

  • Distributor C11-0001065-LIC
  • Distributor PAAA-41WL-8WZA
  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-T00000114
  • Distributor A11-17-0000006-TEMP
  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-T00000220
  • Distributor A11-18-0000307-TEMP
  • Distributor A11-17-0000026-TEMP 
  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-10002857
  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-10001880
  • Distributor A11-17-0000003-Temp