Life is Better Chilled

Drawing inspiration from the Hawaiian islands, Olala brings the sunshine wherever you go. Whether you're sipping on Olala poolside or cracking one open for a picnic on the beach, we hope our products inspire you to lead with love in all you do - because we're ohana now.

Our products are crafted with natural cane sugar and kissed by the sun, there's something for everyone in our line of tropical beverages. Featuring full-spectrum cannabis oil, high carbonation levels, and premium packaging, we consistently deliver the best of the best in flavor profiles, early-onset time, and expertly balanced effects, no matter the flavor or dosage.

All 4 Flavors are available in 10mg or 100mg THC

State License

  • Distributor C11-0000325-LIC
  • Medical Mfg. CDPH-10001880
  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-10001880