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Our company was birthed in a laboratory that sought to deliver a vision of a cleaner, more pure, and potent medicine for discerning patients at a competitive price. Simply put to be healthier, stronger, and less expensive. The medical benefits of cannabis are uncontraverted and the option to bring a natural healing alternative became our passion. Securing the services of industry leaders and award winning chemists, OC Pharm undertook extensive research and development to create our product line. Today continue to strive forward and improve with state of the art technology and proprietary processes never resting on our laurels and always seeking to improve. Always improving is the embodiment of our mission.


All roads led us to supercritical extractions without the use of BHO, a proprietary winterization and filtration system, multi-staged processing, and ultimately to fractional distillation. The end product is premium concentrate commonly known as “Clear.”

This does not merely describe the appearance, it is the end product of a cannabis distillate. All of our concentrates are lab tested at over 85% and often test as high as 95% cannabinoids. The proprietary process removes all residual solvents, contaminants like pesticides and mold, mites, and plant fats and lipids. In laymen's terms, what we remove from the oils in our process, that remains in may of our competitors would make a billy goat puke. While Clear is available to patients we also use this concentrate in our vape, e-liquid, and pre rolled products. Not only are these products available under the OC Pharm banner but they are also available in bulk for wholesale and catered to the clients desired potency. In fact, our concentrates are found in many of the leading brands today. Don't settle, ask for Clear!



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Bruh, come on.. stop it with the fake reviews lol

I couldn't live with myself letting others be fooled by these reviews. I've tried this brand a handful of times during my quest to find the best concentrates to vape, and OC Pharm has come in DEAD LAST, every, single, time. These reviews here on Weedmaps HAVE to be fake, that or these people have never tried ANY other brand in their entire lives. OC's product line IS cheaper than the other brands (as it should be, given its quality) and that's the ONLY star they get. I can't even refer to what they sell as true concentrates, since it tastes (consistently) and hits (consistently) like it's been diluted and mixed with some other not-so-good stuff. To my fellow cannabis lovers, PLEASE, go try Stiiizy, Heavy Hitters, Madre, ASCND, Select Oil, ROVE, Delta 9, or literally ANY OTHER BRAND, but for the love and sanctity of all things cannabis, do NOT waste your money nor time on this stuff. Other brands have had their ups and downs, but this one seems obsessed with staying at rock bottom.

Honest review.

I've dabbed a lot of concentrate and distillate over the years, from many different companies. From the better ones; Alpine, stiiizy, heavy hitters, brass knuckles... to the shitty plastic house carts filled with dark mystery oil that make you feel poisoned. When it comes to OC Pharms "proprietary blend homogenized distillate" syringe.... You get a 1/5. It is the weakest and most bunk cut fake oil I've ever had in my life. The oil was as thin as vegetable oil from my kitchen, ON A COLD DAY. REAL distillate is THICK like molasses. An air bubble wont normally move as soon as you tip it upside down. BUT GUESS WHAT? NOT WITH OC PHARMS ***"CUT AF WITH TERPS/GLYCOLS/GLYCERNS/FILLERS FAKE BS OIL"**!!! LIKE A SYRINGE FILLED WITH COOKING OIL THAT THIN AND FAKE! MAYBE 10-20% THC IF YOU'RE LUCKY! The smoke was THIN AF and I smoked a half gram of it thinking WHAT THE F**K IS THIS BUNK A*S OIL? IF IT'S SOME WEAK ASS VAPE JUICE YOU BETTER MARKET IT AS WEAK ASS VAPE JUICE, NOT DISTILLATE!

fake reviews

all these same dummies post on tasteee Vapes. fake reviews. they pay their employees to leave them when they clock in lmao