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Noble Nectar

Wedding Poop 1g Live Resin Dart Pod

Full One Gram Flawless Live Resin Pod

100% quality and clean diamond material from our Flawless Live Resin Line

Premium quality vaping experience is achieved with the superior CCell Dart battery.

These pods will help all your needs on achieving a quality and stress relieving high

Small and discrete, the perfect staple item to help get you through the day!

Noble Nectar
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Noble Nectar, a premier cannabis extraction company, has been family owned and operated since its inception in fall 2019. Located in Noble, Oklahoma, we offer a wide variety of high-quality products available in over 600 dispensaries across the state, catering to OMMA medical cannabis patients. Our knowledgeable team is committed to maintaining the highest standards in patient care through our exceptional products. At Noble Nectar, our primary mission is to provide top-notch medicine to the people of Oklahoma, always putting our patients first.

Our premier line of concentrates is made exclusively from full-nug runs and includes Flawless Live Resin and Solventless Hash Rosin Concentrates. In addition to these products, we have recently launched a new range of offerings, including distillate, live resin and live hash rosin vape pods, wraps, pre-rolls, JEFE disposable vapes, and an array of delicious live resin and live rosin edibles - all crafted with the utmost care and precision. Trust us to deliver the best cannabis products in Oklahoma!


Achievements / Accolades

2020 1st Place Cowboy Cup Winner - Liquid BHO

2020 LeafLink List Winner - Fastest Growing Concentrate Company

2021 1st Place Jack Herer Cup - Liquid Hydrocarbon

2021 Herbage Magazine Audience Choice - Best Live Resin

2021 Herbage Magazine Audience Choice - Best Extraction Facility

2021 LeafLink List Winner - Best Advertising

2022 Cannabis Business Times - #5 Best Places to Work

2022 1st Place Genetraders Resin Cup Winner - Peach Maraschino Rosin

2022 1st Place Genetraders National Resin Cup Winner - Orangeade Rosin

2022 #1 Hottest Cannabis Brands in Oklahoma - MJ Brand Insights

2023 Cannabis Business Times - #2 Best Places to Work

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