Noble Nectar



Founded in the fall of 2019, Noble Nectar is a family owned and operated premier cannabis extraction company located in Noble, Oklahoma, with a variety of products featured in over 600 dispensaries across the state for consumption by OMMA medical cannabis patients.

Noble Nectar is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality available in patient care through the caliber of our products. By having a knowledgeable team of individuals dedicated to our process, our mission is to help spread quality medicine throughout the state of Oklahoma and always place our patients first. 

Noble Nectar’s premier line of concentrates is all nug run live resin and includes Flawless, VVS, and Custom Processing Services:

Flawless: Genetics curated with our network of top tier breeders, this product line is Noble Nectar grown and processed. This is our high end, single source, ultra-refined Concentrate line. 

VVS: This is our Very Very Special Line which includes genetics that yield more flower per plant so we can offer them at a more affordable price. This product is from quality Oklahoma cultivators sourced from all over the state. 

State License

  • Medical Mfg. PAAA-VJZG-KNP6