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Moon Mix is an Oklahoma-based manufacturer of high-quality medical grade vape cartridges, concentrates and extracts. Our unique process starts with BHO extraction of crude oil. A short-path distillation system is used to recover pure THC distillate. We pride ourselves in using organically derived terpenes for superior taste. Our knowledgeable staff handles every step with the highest quality and attention to detail. We strive to provide Oklahoma with the highest quality products for all of their medical needs.

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MoonMix SundaeDriver tasted like fruity Pebbles🔥🔥🔥

Very Surprise of the flavor by far my favorite. If your gonna buy a Moon mix Cart make sure they are legit because they will leak, crack or burn out if not legit. First one half way thru started leaking from the coil, waste of $55 but jus bought a legit moon mix cart from green country bud on 91 & yale and it is amazing. Will def be buying more, flavor lasted all the way till end, ccell ate up all the oil and no issues w clogging or leaks.

Moon Mix Blue Dream x Blueberry

The forever best! Most people don’t realize that the vape pen/battery can make all the difference in the world regarding the quality of the experience. In short, I now only use the pen/battery with heat/temperature control. If you have a problem with coughing or throat hurt, you must turn down the temp and enjoy your high, which for me means a lot less pain! As a result, I highly recommend Moon Mix, especially Blue Dream Blueberry. Thank you, Moon Mix.


WOW, NOT ONLY AMAZING TASTE BUT PHENOMENAL POTENCY!!!! Outdid yourselves Ladies & Gents, TY!!!! BTW, IMO I’ve never had an issue with the Moon Mix pens, I’ve had them all Red bud, HElix, Releaf, etc, from $50 1/2 to $70 1G, for the price, quality etc, Moon Mix is fantastic at around $45-55 1G!