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This company was founded with the sole purpose of bringing therapeutic, natural products to the masses. Our founders are comprised of a Type 1 diabetic and rheumatoid arthritis patient who were sick and tired of loading their bodies with chemicals for the sake of seeking relief from the pain associated with their chronic conditions.

Thus began the painstaking process of perfecting a product that was appealing to the eye, smelled fragrant, felt sensuous, was completely organic, and medicated by effusing high grade cannabis. We went through a great many batches before we found the perfect formulation for our Extra Strength Miracle Salve, but when we got it right, we got it right!

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Body pain

Frustrated with over the counter creams for hemorroides? For me these creams never worked. After 4 days of using the CBD salve 2x a day, all is well. Never again will I buy the BS over the counter creams from supermarket!

I need more!

I've had a jar for a long time now and I used it only when I really couldn't take the pain. I couldn't find this product and the one I have has a white lid that says "made with love" I would be in your dept of anyone could tell me how to get more. email me please. Thank you Justin.mandrigues yahoo com


I use Merry Jen salve for pain in fingers, my middle finger on both hands lock. The salve reduces the swelling and eliminates the pain. The doctor wanted to operate but the salve cancelled this operation. If you have hemmrhoids then use the salve, all the othe BS salves sold over the counter do nothing for Hemmrhoids, after 3 days of application the burn and swelling goes away, about 10 days later the swelling disappears.