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Shout to your people at Westside in Perris for being AMAZING today! The to ladies will know who this is. POST OUR SELFIE!!! :)

All around great!!

Everything I've gotten has been fire!! The owners are above and beyond, always consistent product, nothing but good things to say! Their K9 Kush preroll is bomb I like to stock up on them and have them handy. If it's just me and my husband we usually smoke just half of one at a time and that's not usual for us! If you need some weed porn definitely check out their instagram haha!!

Lemon Burst in Insane!

Medcare farms serves up nothing but the best. Their Lemon Burst was totally amazing and so smooth. They sell the best strains and are very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have. Only place I will ever buy from. Try it, you won't be disappointed and you won't go anywhere else once you do!


Top quality pre-rolls!!! The 9lb. Hammer is the bomb!!

Nothing but goodness

Great service and better flower

Nothing but Firem

Medcare Farms has been growing fire for years now. I love their OG absolutely grown fire. You can not go wrong with any of there weed strains. Perfection at its finest I recommend the Medcare Kush.

Cookies & Cream Contentment

I just had the opportunity to try the Cookies & Cream strain from Medcare Farms. The buds are fresh and delightfully dense. They left just the right amount of aromatic resin on my fingertips when I tested their sponginess. A+. I never know what the strain names mean but to me, cookies & cream means the blending of two delicious things so they can be enjoyed simultaneously. The earthiness mixed with almost a cayenne peppery aroma is a nice blend and paired perfectly with my black coffee and cinnamon roll. The smoke was smooth, satisfying and left me with a subtle relaxed feeling as I carried about my Sunday morning. It didn’t make me cough and as I held my hand-rolled, I sat up a little straighter as if I were smoking a fine cigar. I commend the farmers at Medcare and I thank you for sharing!

Great buds for great prices

Top quality weed. Very affordable. I loved the cookies and cream.

MedCare Farms TOP TIER

Always beyond pleased with every product I've received from MedCare Farms. Had to stop by and share my appreciation. MedCare Farm's selection and quality are without a doubt one of the best options available on the market right now. After going through several strains I am highly convinced that MedCare Farms only puts out top flowers! The MedCare Kush and the Wifi OG #33 have been my favorites so far. Vivid taste and absolute perfect balance of mind and body. I can't wait to try some new strains from these guys! Keep on bringin' the goods!

Quality MEDS

If you're looking for some good and clean quality flower MEDCARE has you covered! I've tried multiple strains and they all have their own great tastes. My top right now is the WIFI OG, the smooth and flavorful terps make this hybrid my top choice any time of day. MEDCARE doesn't stop with just their flowers, but also provide dope glass jars as packaging. Thanks MedCare, keep it up!


My favorite cannabis company! This veteran owned company truly cares about the quality of their product and NEVER disappoints. I have yet to find a brand that can top this bud. 🌿 Their lemon haze is THE BEST HANDS DOWN!!! I cannot wait for them to expand to cartridges and edibles!! I love MedCare Farms!!