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Coffee Sativa FlasQ MED

MarQaha Coffee Sativa FlasQ is a great tasting Sativa infused edible that all coffee lovers will enjoy. Many remark on its natural pain-relieving effects that leave users feeling happy and good about themselves.

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One planet, many plants


You are here because you chose a different path for your happiness and health. We support your personal journey by offering this amazing plant embraced over thousands of years in a variety of ways. Medical, Spiritual or Therapeutic it offers so much and asks for so little in return.


marQaha was founded in 2010 and remains one of the most trusted cannabis companies in the industry. Before there was a global preference for how cannabis was presented as medicine, the founders behind marQaha recognized the plant’s medicinal potential, for its been used spiritually and recreationally for thousands of years. We decided to name our company “marQaha,” an ancient Arabic word that refers to the feeling of “bliss” while drinking coffee and has come to mean “someone or something impossible to hate.”

Over the years, marQaha has heard hundreds of incredible stories and met amazing patients all over the country. As we continue to learn about the potential and power of the cannabis plant, we look forward to continuing on the journey with everyone in the cannabis community.


marQaha approaches our products with the saying “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link” and bring this wisdom to every day’s production. We have a delicate balance of hands-on production with small batch perfection by bringing unique ingredients such as coffee beans, chamomile tea, and blueberries together in harmony within the product blend. We source locally and globally, using only the finest ingredients and foster relationships with farmers, roasters, and suppliers to make the most trusted and high level cannabis good product possible. It isn’t the fast way, it’s the right way. It’s through slow but deliberate perfection that we are able to bring the harmonious power of cannabis into each marQaha product.

So what does this word mean you ask? 




marQaha is an old Arabic word that has come to mean "enlightened bliss" that originated from the drinking of "qahwa" that was brewed from the coffee "bunn" (bean) and used in a variety of ways to stimulate the mind and body. As early as 1221, the dancing, free-thinking Sufi sect combined coffee and cannabis as Bhang or as a green tincture sipped from a vessel ("the Emerald Cup") to establish a deeper connection with their creator.


We felt the combination of spirituality and a deep historical connection to the plant should be continued into the future as people find and embrace their own path to bliss and truth.

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