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Your pet deserves the nonpsychoactive benefits of cannabis, too! With Love Grass Large Dogs THCa Tincture, your big bud can experience relief from pain, inflammation and anxiety. Love Grass encourages pet owners to try their pet’s medicine before administration to strengthen the peace of mind that neither they nor their pet will experience a psychoactive high. Love Grass pet formulas are made from raw, organic cannabis oil and organic liquid coconut oil.

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Some Love for Lovegrass...

Pretty much every online testimonial regarding cannabis use for pets is positive. The two documented pet fatalities occurred because the pets gained access to the mother load. One pet ate up to 1 pound of medicated brownies. They both died from vomit asphyxiation. Had they been discovered and taken to the vet, I think it's probable they would have lived. So this highlights the only documented risk. Be the human that your pets need you to be and store your shit in ways so they don't die. Other than that... I help take care of a pit-shepherd-god-knows-what-else mut. She's an anxious goob with hips that click and pop. She's always limping, constantly whining, and seems to be fundamentally anxious. And she's a sweetheart so it sucks to see her in what seems like extreme and continuous discomfort. Anywho. I went to West Valley Caregivers and they had one large dog dosage bottle. I got it, came home, dripped a dosage on the smaller side of the suggestion on to a treat. First she crashed hard. For about 15 minutes she lay on her bed. Then... She got up and after a and the change was obvious. Over the last few days she's been whining less, able to move around more without as much seeming discomfort. Articles online caution against trying to get your dog high. This is not that. Dosages are minimal. And love grass goes a long way to express that it's oil is not psychoactive. I can vouch for this after a few days of use. My goals were to allow her to move around with less whining, reduce inflammation, and reduce general anxiety. So far, so good.