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Motorbreath - Diamond Infused Preroll - Single (1g)

Users report feeling relaxed with this high potency product.

THCA Diamond Infused Prerolls. Handcrafted using THCA diamonds and terpene-rich, sungrown, whole cannabis flower. Available in a variety of strains with diverse terpene profiles and effects. Made with fresh THCA diamonds for a high-potency, balanced-flavor experience.

Motorbreath is a potent OG hybrid of SFV OG and Chemdawg with gasoline notes and tasty flavors of citrus and earth.

  • Diesel
  • Pungent
  • Lemon
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Pisces Genetics combined the D version of legendary strain Chemdawg with the equally renowned San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG) to create Motorbreath. It’s a rare strain without much info except that it flowers in about 10 weeks and has a chemical, citrus flavor profile, according to online sources.

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