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Unapologetically Original - Indoor grown, consistent AF: With more medals than we can count, LA Kush always drops the finest flower for people who expect the best. 🏆92 + Awards and growing🏆


We are an 92 + award-winning company and ranked top 10 in the world by Business Insider and High Times Magazine. It has also been Voted #1 in Southern California by Leafly multiple times. With over a decade in service to Los Angeles, we aim to serve all of southern California with the cleanest, top quality cannabis possible, and at the most affordable prices.

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  • Medical Retail C10-18-0000098-TEMP
  • Adult-Use Retail C10-18-0000098-TEMP



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It seems that every time I buy a new cartridge they keep skimping out more and more oil in their cartridges I’ve bought was a kushberry cheesecake and while it’s in the packaging it had a dent that would be at least 1/3 of the cartridge looks like almost half of it has been either smoked or you guy don’t know how to properly enter the right amount of oil into your cartridges which isn’t the first time I’ve noticed it all the most recent batches have been looking drained highly disappointed with what used to be one of the best cartridges in the business

LA Kush; Not Just A Namesake

As a dispensary they are somewhat franchised with 2 locations but as a brand they are everywhere. Everyone in the cannabis industry, not just my area, is concerned with high THC content, keep it. I’ll gladly trade a little THC for more terpenes, plant fats and CBDs for a fuller, more flavorful hit. Between their flowers and edibles, there’s always a branded product on the shelves every time I walk into a dispensary, their pens. One of the rapidly growing niches of Los Angeles Kush is their disposable hash-pen and cartridges which have become trendy for their convenience and subtlety. Are your weed-hating parents in town and you need to burn some stress without stinking up your bathroom? Over the past few years, hash-pen vaporizers have made discreet consumption ridiculously easier for potheads worried about displaying their true colors. There’s no arguing the convenience that pre-loaded cartridges provide, but issues with consistency in both price and quality remain.

the battery on my disposable die

my disposable pen battery died before my wax even finished... what a bummer. im so disappointed..