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ULTRA 2.15g THCA Infused Pre-Roll (Single) | King Louis XIII

Users report feeling relaxed.

Get ready for an ULTRA experience with our THCA-infused pre-roll. Weighing 2.15g, it’s packed with the incredible power of live resin extracts and ice water hash for an unmatched kick. Elevate your senses with this potent and flavorful masterpiece.

  • Citrus
  • Earthy
  • Grape
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King Louie

The only thing for sure about this strain is its undisputed OG Kush heritage. Some think it’s an OG Kush and L.A. Confidential cross. Even the name depends on who you ask. It could be King Louie, King Louie XIII, or King Louis XIII, according to online sources. Regardless, its buds are large, sticky, and trichome-covered.

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