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We're on a mission.

We put our first roots down four years ago in Washington, DC, and we've been growing ever since. Opening our first Liberty Cannabis stores in Maryland, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania means bringing our mission to life. We're more dedicated than ever to providing individualized care, innovative products and exceptional experiences to our patients and partners.

We're different than most. 

We're driven by two things. The first is our passion for medical cannabis. The second is our commitment to the values that lead us into this business in the first place and still guide us today. Those values include QUALITY (industry-leading, medical-grade products informed by our seasoned team), LEADERSHIP (the highest levels of experience and professionalism), INNOVATION (tech-savvy and forward-looking), EDUCATION (informing customers on treatments and trends) and COMPASSION (an uncommon standard of care).

ARRANGED BY FEELING: With dozens of flower strains and other products, like extracts, tinctures and capsules, we offer more options than most cannabis brands. Some patients and partners like to dive into all of the strain names and scientific details. For everyone else, we’ve organized all of our products by how they make a customer feel. Our color spectrum, wing system and category names guide Liberty’s partners and patients through the range from sativas (most energizing) to indicas (most relaxing). 

VITALITY: Energizing sativa strains
Our “Vitality” suite of strains (full sativas) are on the energizing end of the spectrum. That means they’re ideal for daytime use, offering an overall invigorating and clear headed effect without getting in the way of your agenda.

CLARITY: Uplifting sativa hybrids
Our “Clarity” strains are sativa hybrids, slightly more mellow than our “Vitality” offerings, but still on the uplifting side of the scale. They’re typically best used for quick relief, improving focus and creativity throughout the day

HARMONY: Balanced sativa/indica hybrids
Our “Harmony” suite of strains are 50/50 crosses of a sativa and an indica. They tend to be popular for their versatility, especially among newer patients, balancing the euphoric effects of “Vitality” with the potency of “Serenity.”

TRANQUILITY: Relaxing indica hybrids
Liberty’s “Tranquility” strains and products, which are indica hybrids, relax the mind and body. They’re a good way for patients to unwind after work, known to calm your nerves and ease your pain without putting you to sleep.

SERENITY: Potent indica strains
Our stongest indica strains, Liberty’s “Serenity” offerings are favored, especially among cannabis connoisseurs, for their higher – that means potent – THC content. Many medical patients rely on them at nighttime to heal and sleep. 



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worst brand in the business

absolute worst brands of cannabis I have ever tried. dispensary is very clicqy and if your not in the clicq expect to wait a while and get ripped off on your amount. the concentrates are not fresh and degrading from kmpropr storage and exposure to air and light. the buds are 2-3* quality at best and nowhere near worth the prices. worst tinctures I have ever tried, I actually make much better tinctures and concentrates from higher quality flower runs myself. there are way better brands in Maryland, these dishonest joker's will never see another dime from me. I'll stick with Culta for better quality medicines at lower prices and if we wanna pay liberty prices we will get verano quality medicines instead.

New Favorite Dispensary in MD

I went to Liberty for the first time a few months ago because I was in the area. I usually goto herbiculture in Burtonsville but after my last visit last week with Liberty this will be the the new home store. I dealt with James aka the Rabbi. Very genuine guy who knows his strains and will recommend a strain based on your conversation with him. I enjoy heavy hitters and James took about 30 minutes if not more, going over their heavy hitters and even went into the back to bring new strains that were just in, that were not even on the floor yet. What I really like about liberty amongst other dispensaries, all of Liberty’s 8ths are always $50, never $60 like other dispensaries. And they have a wide selection to pick from, I would say 55 plus strains to select from and all quality at that. AND they have usually have a good amount of sales on 8ths or higher quantity on premium strains which is also kina rare! I see y’all liberty!

Do not buy!

These liberty carts are disgusting, i called hollistic farms because there number was on the container, they told me they are removing there number because they dont want calls, i told them both of the products i tried are bad, the oil was dark brown, tastes like burnt popcorn,i could hear them laughing in the background, they told me to call my dispensary. Like they made it or something. Will not spend money on this product. Neither should you.