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Boss OG- Premium Sauce 1G

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Boss OG is a fragrant OG Kush phenotype with similar qualities to Fire OG. This strain emits telltale OG aromas of lemon, lime, and fuel, and offers consumers happy, relaxing effects that can trim away stress and pain.

  • Earthy
  • Lime
  • Flowery
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Boss OG

Dark Heart Nursery backcrossed some OG Kush phenotypes similar to Fire OG to produce this boss. The nursery says it’s a discontinued strain. Clone shop Phresh Start Farms says Boss OG has up to 30% THC, while Dark Heart reports a lemony, diesel flavor profile.

The balanced hybrid needs an experienced grower to trim and double-trellis it, but will reward those efforts with a heavy yield in about nine to 10 weeks, according to the breeder, which also says Boss OG produces calming effects along with pain relief.

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