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Botanicals - BALANCE 1:1:1

Botanicals - BALANCE 1:1:1

Pure Organic MCT (Coconut Oil)

Suited for everyday use. This wellness tincture provides daily balance to the mind and body by combining key cannabinoids with organic ingredients.


Total Cannabinoids: 1,200.00 mg

CBD: 400.00 mg

CBG: 400.00 mg

THC: 400.00 mg

Botanicals: Our collection of all-natural, cannabis-infused liposomals. Consisting of key bioactive plant ingredients known to synergistically promote and enhance everyday wellness with NO artificial flavoring, coloring, alcohol, or fillers. Each tincture promotes specific therapeutic benefits using only the finest natural and organic ingredients, including full-spectrum cannabis oil.

Dosage: To start, place the oil under the tongue, holding it there for 15 seconds and then swallowing. Wait 1 hour before dosing again. Starting low, assessing the feeling throughout the day or night, and adjusting accordingly is the best way to find the perfect dose.

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As a brand leader in premium cannabis, Kurvana continues to transform the industry offering innovative products of uncompromising quality, sitting at the intersection of nature and science. With focus on the development of highly intrinsic oil, Kurvana delivers multiple options for connoisseurs and beginners alike. Since 2014, Kurvana has surpassed the industry’s standard of quality, formulating natural botanical ingredients to create some of the world’s best full-spectrum products. Today, Kurvana is widely recognized by its commitment to enhancing the everyday life of consumers with the most natural, pure, and safe products in the cannabis and hemp space.

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