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Kind Bros is extremely happy to be featured on Weed Maps! For those who have tried our cannabis in the past, you know the love and care we've given to our grows over the years. Our master growers have nearly a century of combined experience and collecting rare and exotic genetics under their belt. This is not a corporate operation. We are a collection of small business cannabis professionals who do this for the love of growing and to bring the cleanest, highest quality cannabis possible to connoisseurs and casual smokers alike. Weed brings people together and we've always enjoyed playing a part in that process! Cheers & Be Kind :)

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  • Distributor C-11-18-0000090
  • Adult-Use Cultivation C11-18-0000090



ladies and gentlemen

ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you that there is very poor service. The product is very bad. I do not recommend buying here Firstly, I bought cannabis and got poisoned. secondly hucksters are very aggressive. do not buy . I do not recommend

Bad quality(

And....What the hell. At school I smoked harder than bumps. 3 times smoked and I am disappointed with the quality. Fix your magazine pls

Good products.

I was visiting family in south OC. I ran out of my home grown. The kids there are super friendly, Great little place. defiantly will be back.