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Located near the Kiamichi River at the foothills of the Ouachita Mountains, we grow surrounded by plentiful spring water, radiant sunshine and fertile soil. Our medical cannabis is grown with every intention to cooperate with Nature.

We cultivate and process premium organic strains of cannabis selected for their medicinal properties, genetic purity, superior yield and high THC/CBD content. All products are organically grown from our exclusive seed stock. Carefully bred, Seed-Born plants excel beyond expectations.

Just like in nature, Kiamichi Skies grows in live soil that is hand-mixed onsite. Not in water. Not in air. Not in rockwool. Not in a factory. We use only organic fertilizers, free of pesticide and hormones to give us the best plants and you the best final product. 

Our high standards and diligent attention to detail in our organic cultivation process produce a superior product with a difference you can taste and feel!

We have sweat on our brow, dirt on our hands, and nature in our soul.

​Kiamichi Skies is located on a beautiful spot barely a mile from the Kiamichi River. Little Cedar Creek flows through the property and into the river. The property is 106 acres with approximately half used for hay production and the rest dedicated to forest and wildlife preservation. Numerous wildlife including deer, turkey, fox, beaver, river otter, skunks, possums and raccoons occupy the reserve.

The owners purchased the property in 2011 from a family that lived here for more than 70 years. They spent the last 6 years developing the property and converting it to sustainable living. Not only growing and harvesting most of their food, but also generating all the electricity needed for the residence through a large solar array.

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State License

  • Medical Cultivation GAAA-E1L3-EJV4
  • Adult-Use Mfg. PAAA-EJHI-YS8N