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Nugrun only.


JustDab offers a selection of premium concentrates crafted from nugrun flowers cultivated indoors with entirely organic material. Enjoying a gob of JustDab delivers a robust cannabis experience. The JustDab line includes stable extractions that provide astonishing flavor and incredible effects. Crafted with techniques that preserve the essence of the strain JustDab's live resin cartridges, shatter, and batter express the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, plus the plant’s lipids. When you want to enjoy connoisseur-grade concentrates, JustDab.



The JustDab process is hinged on two philosophies; start pure and run precise. JustDab flowers are cultivated indoors at their state-of-the-art cannabis garden. Every aspect of the grow environment is meticulously controlled to ensure their extracts are derived from the most pristine cannabis flowers. Pesticides are never used in JustDab’s grow, and their master growers nurture their strains with organic nutrients to yield healthy, resinous buds.


“No trim, no shake, no BS.”

JustDab takes pride in their nugrun-only extraction. The flowers they use to craft their concentrates are whole buds that could otherwise be smoked on their own. Those buds are processed in a closed loop system with lab-grade hydrocarbons, free from harmful impurities. Refined light hydrocarbon extraction is regaled by concentrate connoisseurs everywhere for its ability to retain the most from the original plant. We aren’t just talking terpenes and cannabinoids here, the plant’s lipids are intact as well. The final product is pure, potent concentrates.



You don’t need to re-introduce what is already there.

Vape on another level, JustDab places the essence of cannabis into your pocket. JustDab cartridges are filled with live-resin extracted concentrate derived from strain-specific nugrun flowers. JustDab does not re-introduce flavor or terpenes into their oils because their extraction technique preserves everything the starting material has to offer. The result are puffs that mirror the experience of the original strain, perfect for dabbers on the go.


The whole-bud experience.

JustDab’s cake batter and shatter concentrates exude quality as well. Also crafted from nugrun buds, these extracts are best taken with low-temperature dabs to taste the full flavor of the strain. JustDab shatter is offered in exotic strains like Flipmode OG, West Coast Sour Diesel, Chocolope Kush and more. The line-up for budder is just as impressive with the likes of Critical Jack and plenty of Ocean Grown options like Paris and Harambe to name a few.


Lab Testing

The JustDab team takes the safety and efficacy of its concentrates to heart and are proud to offer the cannabis community lab tested extractions.

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