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Jungle Boys

Jungle Boys Clothing | Socks (White)

78% cotton

12% polyester

2% elastane

Padded cushioned for extra sole support

Ribbed cuff

Jungle Boys
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We are a collective of passionate cultivators working toward a singular mission: to grow clean, potent cannabis. Our innovative approach to pheno-hunting has unearthed some of the most unique and exciting strains in circulation. With more than 500 rare cultivars in our genetics library and more seeds popping daily, we’ll never stop trying to perfect the process and take our jungle to new heights. 

Our hand-selected flower and single-source concentrates have drawn cannabis connoisseurs from around the world to our California retail stores. Now we’re making our mark on Florida’s medical market with new Jungle Boys dispensaries opening up across the Sunshine State. No matter how far we grow, we will always be a small company of dedicated growers trying to put out the highest quality cannabis possible. And we’re proud to inspire the next generation of cannabis cultivators. 

Welcome to the jungle.

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