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After more then a decade of cannabis cultivation, the only thing that has changed is the facility we cultivate in. As true-bred Los Angeles farmers, the Jungle Boys have been growing clean, high-quality flower since the early 2000s with recent expansion into extracts and rosin. Our mission is simple: to explore and refine cannabis through artisanal practices that respect and honor the plant. Through this simple method, we are able to provide our patients with medicine they deserve and can enjoy.

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Disappointed 😢

Usually everything is good here however my last visit was unpleasant. I was in the fast lane ordering 3 different numbers of two strains. My bud tender grabbed some of the weed I wanted and put it in the bag and asked me if I wanted anything else. I said yes and can you take the weed out of the bag so I am sure of which numbers I have and which ones I need.she. Said she is not allowed to leave it out while she getting more weed. I said kool she comes back with more weed, but She forgot to take the weed out when she came back so I asked her again and she got upset. She said your supposed to know what you want in the fast lane. I did know what I wanted I’m just buying a large amount and trying to make sure I got all the right stuff. She was upset (it showed in her face) . I said f**k it. She ended up giving me 2 1/8ths of the same s**t. I spend too much money here for this to be an issue. Seriously how hard is it to take the weed out of the bag so I can have a visual


I would like to try your products, but can’t seem to find anyone that carries any. Help

Hype but ok

Tried a few different strains. Wasn't blown away I am proud of them for doing what they are just wish the quality stayed with them as they grew but it's a lot of marketing. They might want to spend less time putting up billboards and more time playing with fire like they use to..