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Heavenly Heights - California


(Chem 4 X Jamaican heirloom)

Heavenly Heights is Chem 4 crossed with a Jamaican heirloom. The indica-dominant attributes from the Chem 4 mother makes for a potent narcotic flower ideal for pain management, sleep aid, and appetite stimulant.

The male cultivar seed stock was acquired from Negril Jamaica and believed to be the original lambsbred or lambs breath. A stable sativa variety that grows fast and vigorously with earthy skunk nose. Adds weight to any variety it is crossed with and vigor. Our male is glandular and purple so expect resinous progeny with large dense flowers. Some believe that it’s lambs breath because dutch seed companies confused the public in the early 1990’s. The language barrier between the Dutch and Jamaicans led the dutch to advertise their seeds as lambs breath when it is actually called lambsbred, slang for good weed in Jamaica.

Available: California - Recreational.