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Insane - Beam Me Up Scotti Preroll

Rated as high potency.

Are you ready to be launched into outer space and hurled into an intergalactic experience of feel and flavor? Prepare to be abducted by the stellar vibes of this Biscotti cross from Insane! We probed the depths of our out of this world seed vault to discover these luminous green nugs filled with pinene and β-caryophyllene that will surely transport you to a whole new dimension. Get out those tin foil hats and prepare for take off in 3..2..1... Beam Me Up Scotti!!!! 

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Proprietary genetics. World-class cultivators. The best of the best flavors. Founded by B Real of Cypress Hill, the legendary cannabis smoker and advocate, this is no bullshit celebrity brand. Born in the streets of Los Angeles, Insane's roots are grounded in cities and towns across the world where black-market growers and breeders risked their lives and freedoms so you could put it in the air. We celebrate the culture and traditions of prohibition era cannabis, not the value of Wall Street stocks; when trust, relationships, and respect mattered as much as the quality of the herb in your bag. For nearly three decades B Real and Kenji Fujishima have served up the heat on the street, and today they continue to deliver the most authentic, genuine products hand selected for quality and uniqueness. From the original 1997 Insane OG to the brand new Stuffed French Toast, you can count on the absolute best quality for your smoking pleasure. If you believe in legacy, if you believe that your actions matter, if you believe Wall Street weed is wack...then you smoke like we smoke. We don't care if the whole world calls us crazy, nah, never that, we keep it Insane!


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