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5 stars

Fantastic Products

These are great and effective topical balms and lotion. I use them for pain relief for my cranky knee, my hands after gardening to prevent stiffness and the lotion to relax before sleep. I tell everyone about them because they have worked so well for me. Highly recommend!

Perfect product

1. You don’t walk around smelling like a joint. The product has a sweet and pleasurable scent, unlike most balms. 2. It works miracles. I use it daily for headaches. Every morning I rub some on my temples and I no longer need to pop pills for headaches. I have used it for a stiff neck as well and it helped get rid of it in a matter of 3 days. Definitely recommend these products!
tad pape

awesome products

I work as a trimmer and my wrist and elbows often hurt. I have used the salve for months, and it works every time!! A little goes a long way, the jars last a long time. If you have pains, GET THIS NOW!

Products that actually work !!

I am obsessed with these products for so many reasons. Firstly because they actually work and you can see and more importantly FEEL results ! Secondly the quality is top notch and lastly the packaging is so on point. The bath soak smells like heaven, the lotion is spa quality and really hydrates my skin and the pain salve truly relieves the ache in my joints and muscles. I have shared these products with my family and friends and they have made such a difference in many of their lives. My husband uses the lotion and pain salve daily, the lotion has almost completely relived his eczema symptoms ! Life changing !!! If you are looking for topical products that are high quality and actually make a difference, look no further.

The good shit

Came in here looking for something a little closer to my area. They play good music, you hardly ever have to wait, customer service is great and best if all, the bud is out of this world. Try them out!