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Humble Flower Co. is a women-owned and operated  company started in Humboldt County, California and now based in Los Angeles. We pride ourselves on using all-natural and ethically sourced ingredients, and recyclable packaging. We are committed to creating natural and powerful cannabis topicals.

Our spa-quality products are infused with cannabis cultivated by expert manufactures. Humble Flower Co. incorporates the healing principles of aromatherapy to provide additional pain-relieving properties to our products. Our topicals give the therapeutic benefits of cannabis in an elegant and discrete package, with minimal cannabis scent.

Our topicals are quickly absorbed through the skin and treat a variety of conditions including chronic pain, soreness, inflammation, headaches, and arthritis. Humble Flower Co. strives to create products that are thoughtfully designed and are by no means humble in their effectiveness.

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State License

  • Medical Mfg. CDPH-T00000241
  • Adult-Use Mfg. CDPH-T00000242



Fantastic Products

These are great and effective topical balms and lotion. I use them for pain relief for my cranky knee, my hands after gardening to prevent stiffness and the lotion to relax before sleep. I tell everyone about them because they have worked so well for me. Highly recommend!

Perfect product

1. You don’t walk around smelling like a joint. The product has a sweet and pleasurable scent, unlike most balms. 2. It works miracles. I use it daily for headaches. Every morning I rub some on my temples and I no longer need to pop pills for headaches. I have used it for a stiff neck as well and it helped get rid of it in a matter of 3 days. Definitely recommend these products!
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awesome products

I work as a trimmer and my wrist and elbows often hurt. I have used the salve for months, and it works every time!! A little goes a long way, the jars last a long time. If you have pains, GET THIS NOW!