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“Cannabis curated.”


House of Cultivar delivers a curated cannabis experience thanks to their diverse variety of strains. Patents and adult users can find anything from landraces to designer cultivar grown with radically specific conditions by the most talented master growers. With House of Cultivar, Washington’s cannabis community has access to a wide range of profiles and always knows what it's getting. Their team believes the cannabis community deserve to know the genetic heritage and lineage of what they choose to smoke.


Through their love and dedication to growing premium cannabis, House of Cultivar’s team bridges the past and future — celebrating early cannabis culture and the very first strains while seeking, breeding, and cultivating seeds that take the cannabis experience to new highs.



Jason, the founder and CEO of Cultivar Farms, along with each of his partners have over a decade of experience in cannabis cultivation. He started his career in the cannabis industry as a master grower, supplying dispensaries clean and effective flowers.


Starting House of Cultivar was a natural progression. Jason quickly assembled a team, each member entered with a stable identity and clear vision. After House of Cultivar was awarded a license in 2013, they spent the following years perfecting their process. In 2017, Cultivar Farms launched and has supplied the Washington cannabis community premium flowers and concentrates ever since.



Cultivar Farms’ flowers bloom in the heart of Seattle, Washington, in a state-of-the-art indoor cannabis garden. Their facility operates within strict adherence to the laws and regulations of the state, and their master growers go above and beyond to ensure their buds are clean and effective.



Check out the cannabis that has Dope Cup judges in awe.


House of Cultivar’s Honey B/Lemon Skunk rosin took 2nd place at Washington’s 2017 Dope Cup. Since then, House of Cultivar’s range of premium flowers has enjoyed a cult following sought after and adored by people throughout Seattle and the greater Washington area. House of Cultivar have plenty in store, keep an eye out for the lastest strains and genetics.


Lab testing

House of Cultivar products is full panel lab tested in full compliance with the state of Washington’s requirements. House of Cultivar products is tested by multiple facilities including Confidence Analytics, Medicine Creek Analytics, and Steep Hill Labs.

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