HITit Co.



Quality Uncompromised

We grow and blend our product indoors, from seed to sale, in a controlled environment, as we are committed to cultivating quality uncompromised flower. We also believe in the uniqueness of each tree and therefore give individual care and attention to each tree we grow. True to this promise, we develop a growth plan for each tree, starting from its veggie state, as it flowers…and as it is cut and cured. We have stringent quality control and assurance process, which consistently tests each batch grown by independent third party laboratories to ensure that we remain pure. We choose not to mass produce, as we find our strength in quality grown and uncompromised. This promise, made at the formation of our company, serves as the company’s guiding principle. We remain committed to delivering to our customers a superior smoking experience.

State License

  • Medical Cultivation CCL18-0002652
  • Distributor C11-0000993-LIC