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3.9 stars

Dont believe the haters

Pretty sure most of the haters trashing them and other growers are fake profiles. Ironic isn’t it? It’s always the same crappy lines about greed and bad weed. They always post 3 or 4 crappy reviews. Just enough to bring the rating down a bit. Whoever you are, you’re the real greedy loser. You can raise yourself up or you can tear others down. There’s a special place for losers like you. That being said Harvest is great. One of my go to spots. Reliable, fair prices and good deals. My only complaint is that the bud tenders refuse to accept tips. Keep up the good work.

Not a fan

if you shop here because of cheap price... I get it. But at the same time... I DONT GET IT!!!! Most surrounding dispensaries have a strain of the day/week for just as cheap as harvest sells there dusty seeds and stems, and it's not as dry/seedy/stemy! You can call me a hater, that's fine... I hate when people say it's good quality for the price. I can't believe I have to explain this but, BETTER MEDICINE WILL WORK BETTER AND STAY IN YOUR SYSTEM LONGER, ALLOWING YOU TO CONSUME LESS MATERIAL MEANING YOU PROBABLY WOULD SPEND THE SAME AMOUNT OF $ ON WEED BUT YOU PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID YOU JUST WANT A LARGE AMOUNT FOR CHEAP. Your the same people that would win the lotto and take 1 million pay day immediatly rather then 10 million over 10 years. Ignorance is not bliss...

Corporate Greed

I shop the AZ locations and I've come to know some of the staff pretty well. Some of the stories you hear about how corporate treats the sales employees is really off-putting. Doesn't seem like a place that would be good for someone with any type of chronic illness to work or shop, which is funny because their whole brand is about health & wellness. Constant changing specials, high rotation of staff, wouldn't surprise me if they pay their budtenders minimum wage while the CEOs are raking in the cash. Really discouraging.


they are all nice nd I enjoy coming nd I'll be back

Kief products aren’t what they say they are

I just bought a gram of harvest GSC #1 kief and I came home and threw it on the scale just outa curiosity and it came out too a perfect 0.9 now I’m not mathematician but that’s not a FULL 1.0 RIDICULOUS HOW THESE COMPANIES ARE GETTING AWAY WITH STEALING FROM THE COMMUNITY!!

Nothing good to say

They aren't using temperature controls. They arent growing to maturity because one size fits all strains. Warehouse weed. Its a shame they even got a license. Could of been given to somebody who cares about medical patients needs. The comapanies in Maryland are all producing terrible flower. I don't trust the testing. I dont believe they're flushing their nutrients right. Why its dry and harsh, and why spent flower= black ashes/residue. Not to mention. Everybody is kiefing their weed to shit in bud tublers. Its overtrimmed because its burned up under the lights. Not just Harvest. But they sure don't give a hoot about their reputation. Western Maryland deserves better than Harvest can provide. This is recreational cannabis. It is not medical grade. Teenybopper larf. Schools out. I pay too much for licensing for this garbage. I feel sorry for beginners Thinking this is medical quality. Go to Oregon. Go Colorado. It wouldn't make it to the Medical side. They pay less for actual quality.


not good flower so much so I had to post my opinion

Haters are clueless...

So.. read the other reviews... gotta say, the haters don't have a clue about the awesome flowers I got from Harvest.. The Gorilla X Gelato melts away all pain and the 5th Element put me right to sleep.. Exactly what I wanted.. Maybe they had a bad batch before? I'll keep buying Harvest, w/o a doubt!


Smokes like the stuff I used to were I used to get after high school when me and my friends would roll up the street and roll down our window in a certain part of town and get a bag. Garbage!!

conway, ar

is this the company that may open a dispensary in central arkansas?

Good but so dry

I don’t understand one thing and one thing only how does harvest hold onto their growers? I mean there is a lot of work that goes into growing anything why wouldn’t the company protect the flower investment by adding the humidifier packets. Love the look and taste of the flower but it’s so dry that it burns up faster then you can enjoy it. I tend to avoid harvest flower for this reason only.

Best Value By Far!

After visiting numerous stores around the state, I feel confident in my decision to make Harvest my primary supplier. They always have friendly and knowledgeable staff, and unrivaled deals!

Not mids lol

Is harvest grown for commercial yield,yes. Is it mid grade genetics, no. Grown mostly to be sold to processors. I was a harvest hater early on but jve gotten some nice batches in last couple months, certain strains are good especially when you get their prepackaged plant tops and not the bulk stuff. Its def worth the $25/8th when its good. Stop accusing one company over the other about greed they all have main goal to turn a large profit


great prices friendly staff!!

great pride

me with Maryland as my home and I've never left glad to see harvest of Maryland competition with west coast I'm proud to say my state has some of the best in the world from harvest!!


do your research on places most of thease idiots dont know anything!!! and doctors are even worse, you have to remember the people controlling this stuff, have never smoked it! has been tought its one of the worst things on earth!!! alot of stupid laws and stipulations are from the ignorance of the people setting the guidelines!!! keep the medical part going we need to learn!!! but lets be real just legalise it pain pills needed a prescription to!!!! lets learn from the past!!! LEGALISE IT!!! people do use it medically but more use it recreational!!!!!!

waste of money

Another grower that is only interested in how quickly they can push out an inferior product. If you like headaches (bad processing), flower that turns to dust from being overdried to tasting like garbage. Learn to grow and STOP trying to beat mother nature.

would not recommend

stay away from harvest flower you have been warned!!!

24k gold 🙁

I was very disappointed, immature, beyond dry! , horribly cured and tastes like dirty socks .

great customer

was pleased the flower was not so dry it crumbled not to many come that fresh