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We are leading botanists using advanced robotic controlled environment agriculture to produce the purest, most consistent, and effective medical marijuana.


Harmony’s mission is to produce the highest quality medicinal cannabis possible. This intense focus on quality means we are always striving to improve our already stellar products. We are constantly bringing new cultivars to our patients, who seek diverse means to alleviate their symptoms and improve their quality of life.


The members of our cultivation team have more than 50 years of collective cannabis growing experience.  We use that expertise to produce the best possible products for our patients. We use our experience to select our cultivars through extensive phenotype searches, starting with curated seed stock. That means that our chosen phenotypes of each cultivar are completely unique and proprietary.

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Excellent product, Exceptional staff

Excellent product, exceptional staff. Staff are knowledgable about the effects of each strain and can help you through the trial and error process of finding the right combinations for your issues. Always have their strains in stock, and they have daily discounts on individual strains, in addition to veteran, senior, and other discounts as well. Highly recommended.


I have tried just about all the dispensaries in NJ. For the longest time I went to Woodbridge but once going here, my opinion has changed 100% The Harmony is tops with product and service.

Pineapple Muffin

First off I would like to say I love Harmony. The constant strains I like are Chrome Cake, Purple Kush, Bubbys Cookies, DJ gold. Recently I tried the pineapple muffins in my opinion it was a complete disappointment. In addition the strains that are high in demand are only available for one day... kinda sucks for people coming to try these strains and only to be disappointed! Best bud tender is the guy with long hair(pony tail), he knows his stuff..!!! (Same guy in the youtube videos)