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Harmony Extracts passionately champions the cannabis and those within it. Wanting to do their part for the cannabis community, Harmony Extracts develops invariably excellent extract products in a long-time heart of the industry: Denver, Colorado. Here for everyone from the average smoker to the connoisseur market, Harmony Extracts assembles a team from the Old Guard of cannabis to bring the best quality and cleanest product to market at the most affordable prices. At Harmony Extracts, excellence is their norm.

While Harmony Extracts officially started in August 2016, the passionate team behind the brand holds more than a decade’s worth of experience in the cannabis industry. Starting in 2003, the partners of Harmony Extracts began in cultivation before expanding into extraction and other leadership positions as the Colorado marijuana market became first medical and then recreational. As this team did everything from run cultivation centers to operate dispensaries, they soon felt a void in the marijuana market for consistent and quality extract product. The founders wanted to do things the right way, improving things from both a customer service and product standpoint and introducing a professionalism to the cannabis industry. Thus, Harmony Extracts sprung onto the scene fighting tooth and nail to meet Denver’s strict quality regulations and offer consistent, reliably excellent extractions.

Today, Harmony Extracts lines the shelves of thirty dispensaries, where patients and recreational users alike notice their quality and recognize their brand. Harmony Extracts produces their world class products from their two state-of-the-art extraction facilities in Denver.

Hailing from many larger names in the industry, the extractors behind Harmony Extracts joined forces and combined the best methods to create their cannabis product. All of their flowers they grow in-house, or purchase from one or two of their exclusive vendors, to ensure their best materials remain the best. Drawing from classic strains and new, exciting genetics, Harmony Extracts uses butane and propane proprietary blend extraction to create the clearest and most potent shatter and wax. Their flagship product, their “Nectar” offers users an ultra-refined hydrocarbon extract with the potency of a distillate and the flavor of a live resin. Their proprietary method of extraction allows them to create a terpene-rich solution that crystallizes THCA, enabling them to separate the high-terpene cannabinoids from the crystals and reintroduce the plant materials at the end.

Harmony Extracts’ products started at “good” and have grown into “great” today.hey continually reevaluate their methods to keep delivering consistent excellence to their consumers. At the 2016 Hemp Connoisseur Championship, their four entries brought home eight different awards for Best Live Resin, Shatter and Wax. Always promising a high potency, their Nectar regularly tests at a potency of 99.99% THCA

Harmony Extracts exclusively tests their products with TEQ Analytical Laboratories in Aurora, Colorado, double checking their extracts for potency, terpene content, and any residual solvents.

Currently, Harmony Extracts distributes their concentrate products to dispensaries throughout Colorado, found in popular dispensaries including Kind Love, Good Chemistry, Colorado Harvest Company and DANK in Denver, Boulder, and Crescent View. While they currently only work with recreational stores, they soon will offer products to medical patients. Harmony Extracts hopes to expand to more states by the start of 2018.

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Since trying your guys HTFSE/HCFSE I can't go back to regular shatter or even live resin. I've bought. 7 kinds so far and haven't had a negative about any of them. The aroma of the terpenes is amazing. Keep doing what your doing don't change a thing!

I like the products

Put the rest of your products on here (pax pods specifically) so i can compare prices around town.

🔥Live Sugar Phantom OG🔥

absolute beaut/beast. my eyes feel like they’re bigger than a luney toones cartoon! great feelings all over... awesome, blissful high. gonna enjoy these 4g’s! outstanding harmony! 🤙🏽