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About us

Best of Weedmaps 2022 brand nominee

Grizzly Peak is a vertically integrated cannabis company based in Oakland, California. We specialize in growing, packaging, and distributing our own carefully handcrafted unique, proprietary-owned genetic strains. Our business is driven by the hard work and grit of the local Oakland community, and we strive to share the passion we put into creating high-end cannabis products with everyone around us. 

Launched as a fully licensed and legal state operation since 2017, our master growers have a combined 30 years of cannabis growing and operational experience and knowledge. Along with our expertise, our state-of-the-art growing facilities and superior genetic strains enable us to produce California’s finest quality cannabis. Grizzly Peak gives recreational and medical users the ultimate cannabis flower experience.


ALWAYS FRESH: We offer a rotating roster of strains to ensure that fresh flower is always available. We carefully monitor our cure rooms daily to guarantee optimal moisture levels. An attentive curing process allows us to preserve the terpene content, flavor, and effect of each strain. 

NATURAL COCO: We grow all our flower in natural coco coir. This growing medium provides more aeration to the plant’s root zone and allows it to maximize the absorption of nutrients. The result provides a smoother exhale for an even better smoking experience.

SEED TO SALE: We grow all our moms from seed and focus on continuously developing our own unique proprietary-owned genetic strains. No outside clone cuttings are ever allowed into our farm to ensure that we have complete control over everything that’s grown. We’re obsessed with ensuring that the best quality and care is given to our products starting from seed to sale. We oversee everything from cultivation and packaging, to branding and distribution. 

QUALITY AND SAFETY: We feed our plants with high quality nutrients, make our own salt feeds, and ONLY use OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved organically sourced pesticides. We’re dedicated to always taking the right steps so we can deliver the best product in the safest way possible.

State License

  • Distributor c11-0000714-lic