GoodGood Cannabis



Welcome To The New Era Of High End Cannabis

Born in New York City and based in California, our geographic roots allow us to view the world through multiple lenses and immerse ourselves in fashion, music, pop culture, and art as influences in the creation of GoodGood.

GoodGood is a boutique lifestyle brand driven to combine the cultures of cannabis and streetwear with our core value to create a community of like-minded smokers.

Goodgood's goal is to grow boutique luxury cannabis at scale. Bringing years of knowledge and a team of cannabis connoisseurs, GoodGood reveals its unique and limited strain selection of indoor-grown cannabis flower, pre-rolls, and pre-roll packs for your enjoyment.

All of our premium flower is organically grown in our state of the art indoor facility by our experienced team of cultivators.

We hope you enjoy our high-quality cannabis products.

State License

  • Distributor C11-0001366-LIC