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“We lead by example.”


Controlled conditions, discipline, and labor of love are the elements that comprise Good Titrations.


This Fairbanks-based cannabis company supplies concentrates, cartridges, and edibles to brighten and enhance your day or evening. Don’t get bogged down by long, frigid winters — with Good Titrations you'll feel the good vibrations all year long.



The founding team has advocated cannabis for many years, and each has done their part to bring legislation up to speed. Once cannabis legalized in Alaska, the group of friends saw a tremendous opportunity to introduce concentrates to the cannabis community in Fairbanks. They got to work solidifying their connections with premier growers and creating a safe and compliant extraction facility. Once all was in perfect order, Good Titrations was awarded their license in the Summer of 2017.



Good Titrations sources the most exquisite buds in Fairbanks, cultivated in local cannabis gardens. Once those top shelf buds arrive at the Good Titrations lab, the transformation begins. Good Titrations' extraction artists isolate the cannabinoids and terpenes locked inside the plant’s trichomes leaving only the most desirable characteristics of the strain. The result is potent concentrates, ready for your dabbing enjoyment.  



Good Titrations offers several textures of concentrate, plus distillate oil cartridges and infused honey.


Fairbanks’ cannabis enthusiasts that love to take dabs have ample options. Scoop a bit of Good Titrations’ Crumble for into your freshly heated banger or e-nail. The best part about Good Titration's crumble is you don't need a rig to enjoy it. Sprinkle a bit over a fresh bowl, blunt, or joint of your favorite flowers for a kick of extra potency.


Good Titrations offers Winterized and Non-Winterized Shatter, or folks can opt to enjoy a dab of their Wax. Those who prefer to vape can pick up Good Titrations’ Distillate Oil, offered in glass cartridges as well as Wick Model Cartridges. Sweeten your day or evening with Good Titrations’ Honey Sticks, a mighty fusion of active cannabinoids and delicious honey.


Lab Testing


Good Titrations’ products are lab tested by CannTest, LLC for THC and CBD content.

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State License

  • Adult-Use Mfg. 10886



ask to see the test results!! (butane ppm)

all of their products test absurdly high for butane. 300ppm isn't something you want to put in your body, or at least I don't. get Babylon for the transparency in butane content or get rosin if you want high quality/don't want to ingest high quantities of butane.

Concentrated Passion

These guys are super passionate about their work. Always pushing the limits of quality, potency, and purity. All concentrates sold in Alaska are required to have their butane levels below 800 ppm. This is about the same exposure you endure when you smoke using a lighter. However, lighters are unregulated, usually containing a blend of 70% butane where the other 30% is isobutane, propane, and flavoring agents. Bottom line, if you've ever smoked using a lighter, you've been dosing yourself with 800 ppm butane and a bunch of other stuff you cannot even verify without testing. All of these products have been tested so you know what you're putting on your body. Simply ask for the test results at the shop and they'll show you. Lastly, if you're going to tear someone apart on the internet, do your research first. Leave the blasting to the pros.

Seriously unreliable

The cartridges either leak or they come apart several retailers have been good enough if the fail shortly after purchase so and then there are the others 3/4 gone no one makes that right and messed up batteries thanks no thanks