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Goldsmith Extracts strives to produce the most clean and potent concentrates. Multiple award winning extracts


Do you want to run your own flower but don't have an extraction lab set up? Goldsmith Extracts specializes in fast and convenient processing at competitive prices for state licensed medical companies. We make processing your product a priority. The utmost care is taken to not only maintain the terpene profiles, but also produce the highest yield possible. Every step in the manufacturing process is carefully followed to ensure the cleanest and most flavorful product. Contact us today for a quote!


 place Distillate #Arizonaproject 2016

 place Indica (Dutch Treat) #TheErrlcup 2016

 place Indica (Zkittlez) #710cup 2017

 place Sativa (Chemdawg) #710cup 2017

 place Indica (Pink Panties) #TheErrlcup 2018

 place Hybrid (Blueberry Muffins) #TheErrlcup 2018

 place Sativa (Harlequin) #TheErrlcup 2018

 place Distillate (Mango Kush) #710DegreeCup #TheErrlcup 2018


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great concentrate brand

Goldsmith extracts is very good as far as potency smell taste looks and price so for me that's a 5 out of 5 I was very impressed with them hope they come out with some heavier Indica strains

Where can I find Cartridges/vape pens

I have looked all over online and I cannot find where I can buy Goldsmith vape pen cartridges anywhere. Tried product at 710 cup and Earl cup and would love to find a shop that carries it or a way to buy it. Please let me know lol

Top Tier products

Excellent products, everything is the best quality and very potent