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4.3 stars


*Indica strains *Hybrid strains *Sativa strains We got weed,flowers,concentrated,Vape pens,Cartridge,edibles,CBD oils and more available for sale. HIT HERE NOW Text/Call ‪(774) 768-0844‬ FOR YOUR ORDER‬. 24/7 PICK UP,HOME DELIVERIES,SHIPPING,MAILING AND DROP OFF AVAILABLE AS SOON AS YOU ORDER.


the management of gleaf said they couldn't take the review down the person who takes care of that has been out she left a review the day after someone left me a nasty review so she clearly new the insulted review was there maybe some people are to young to smoke stuff or they cant handle it it is so unprofessional great way to run a store that's when thing about Maryland it's big state with lots of dispensarys gleaf is not the only grower if this is how they condone business I will take my business to another grower who is not babies and are mature not like BeeBops 84 hide behind a fake name you need to grow up whoever you are.


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My favorite place

They are always so polite and helpful . Great prices and great stuff! Love it here❤️

Always out of supply

Stardawg... the only strain that helps my extensive back disability (L4/L5 lumbar fusion & Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant). I was promised by a staff member that I was specifically discussed at a company meeting, about keeping some of the new harvest to the side for my patient case. I was told at least four ounces would be set aside side I wouldn’t have to wait again (GLeaf cut mother plant and caused major delay in harvest). Was able to get Stardawg ONCE, after that. Was also told a credit would be put on my account for inconvenience. I’ve been dropping $250+ at least twice a month supporting GLeaf. No more. I’m only using GLeaf/Wellness Solutions as a resource if, and only if, Stardawg is available. I’ve had WAY TOO MUCH loyalty to GLeaf, with less loyalty in return. I’m only dropping my money on Stardawg. You get it in, you’ll get my money. You don’t, you won’t. Period.

GLeaf is lit

Most recently I’ve gotten peanut butter breath and Mai tai by gleaf. Let’s just say they were both so good that I’ve bought an ounce of each in the last month or so. I check menus every single day looking for the PBB on someone’s menu because I am down to about 3 grams of it. Their blueberryXsunset sherbet is fire as well. It’s takin a while but I’ve seen a boost in gLeafs game. For me it’s curio, gLeaf, Evermore & culta. Keep up the good work! Btw, homeboy looking for the stardawg should probably I dk... try a few different strains. Pretty sure that stardawg isn’t the only bud that’s beneficial for pain/inflammation. No need to be like yo your bud is fire, PS never coming back. #nobodycares

Sour Diesel

This strain is so tasty and is a must to start a ruff morning with.

Gleaf has the best flower in Maryland

Grease monkey is probably the best thing grown from Maryland

Love gLeaf!

I don’t even know where to begin, gLeaf’s GG4 was the first medical cannabis I tried & was blown away. Since then, I’ve had their LA Chocolat, Blue Cheese (in my top 3 favorites), Blackberry (another in my top 3), Mai Tai, Grease Monkey, Jelly Breath, Peanut Butter Breath & Sour Diesel x Island Sweet Skunk. The terpenes & THC levels work wonders on chronic pain, PTSD, severe anxiety & depression. I’d LOVE to see gLeaf do Purple Punch! My reason for the 4 stars was the Limited Stock Banana Split they had recently. What little was there was good stuff, however it was very skimpy & way too many stems, no glass jar or humidity pack like you see other places do with their top shelf product. Other than that, awesome! I haven’t tried their carts yet since most have tons of alpha pinene & I’m hoping they’ll have more Blackberry and Blue Cheese carts soon :)


Very good

G-Leaf Concentrates

Thank you, for always having a consistent yield with great quality.

Products update

I have been smoking Gleaf flowers like Mai Tai, jelly breath, GG4 and I am not able to leave a review on those awesome flowers because it is not on the products list. Please update it so we can share how good they are with everybody. 😍

If I could, Would you?

Excellent. Most comfortable place to do your shopping...even if you feel not the coolest :-). They know what you need and they listen. Northern Lights and I’m enjoying my music again. What else could I ask for?


hands out the best cannabis company here in Maryland. They care for their patients, products and provide an experience second to none! Not only is their dispensary incredible, their next day delivery is also one of a kind and an incredible service!


Grease monkey. Peanut butter breath. ISSxSour D. Wooooo

First Timers

Best prices in town

Only store for VETERANS... 22% Discount!

I've had my card for several years now and suffer from socially crippling PTSD. It took me awhile to truly understand the Sativa/Indica not to mention the HUGE roll Terpenes play. I've been all over Baltimore chasing deals and strands. Then I tried home delivery. Seriously?! gLeaf's prices are lower than everyone else, they bring it to my house for free, and they offer a 22% DISCOUNT to Veterans making gLeaf the obvious choice for all my future purchases...

Great BUD.

This place is awesome for Disabled now for thirty three years come this December after laying on my back so many years that the marijuana and I’ve enjoyed the service of delivery right to your door. The selections are great and if they do not have it they look for the closest to what you asked for and sometimes right away. So from me smoke on and I have Cheetos and I’m going to try wedding cake vapor. Wish you Wish you where here.

The Guice not to be...

First purchase from gleaf, 1g Guice vape Was excellent, great taste , not to stoney hoping I can pick up another soon. Looking forward to some Guice flower sometime this week.

Best concentrates in the state

Best concentrates and most reasonable prices. The PB/Jelly Breath and La Chocolat line is fantastic. Ideal budder consistency and fantastic clarity on the pull n snaps. Some of the heaviest sugars on the market as well. Can’t go wrong with grease monkey.