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Hybrid.  Maryland's finest Cannabis rolled into a smooth, delectable wrap made of Vanilla, Cocoa, and Tea Leaves.   NO Nicotine.  NO Tobacco.  

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gLeaf is Maryland’s source for a large selection of safe, effective medical cannabis products. The team strives for innovation. Whether creating new products like cannabis-infused lozenges or perfecting existing ones like flowers and salves, gLeaf provides Maryland the best of the best. You won’t find cookie-cutter strains here; gLeaf cultivates 31 unique and exotic strains of cannabis in its state-of-the-art facility. The medical cannabis community is vast and diverse, and gLeaf provides the strains and products to meet the varying needs of Maryland patients. No matter where you fit on the spectrum of medical cannabis, gLeaf is there for you with a selection of high-quality flowers, extracts and edibles.



The gLeaf team is comprised of long standing medical marijuana advocates who’ve championed the Maryland medical cannabis program is it stands today. Before going by “gLeaf,” Green Leaf Medical was a group of entrepreneurs eager to guide the medical cannabis industry to properly serve the patients of Maryland. Philip Goldberg founded gLeaf in April of 2014, and sincethen  he and his team of dedicated professionals propelled the advent of medical cannabis in Maryland. They testified at commissions and Senate hearings on behalf of caregivers in the state, shining a light on the needs of the often misunderstood cannabis community. The team even successfully lobbied to increase the possession amount for Maryland patients, which in turn increased the quality of life for many. gLeaf also hosted conferences for physicians and patients, which gave doctors the opportunity to educate themselves on how to implement medical cannabis recommendations in the treatment of their patients. Today, gLeaf continues to strive for progress both within and outside of its facility.



Inside a 45,000 square foot, pharmaceutical-grade facility in Maryland, gLeaf flowers grow. The team of master growers meticulously tend to every strain, and provide each cultivar the ideal environment with the utmost quality control. gLeaf’s cutting-edge irrigation system delivers precise nutrients and perfect pH levels, nurturing every plant to reach its maximum genetic potential. Not only is the gLeaf team committed to helping Maryland patients; it  takes measures to safeguard the health of the planet as well. The team seeks out ways to reduce its carbon footprint as much as it can and employs any methods possible to do so. gLeaf extraction artists craft cannabis concentrates that exude unparalleled purity and potency. They utilize a variety of techniques depending on the end-product and bring the same level of care and attention to detail as gLeaf’s master growers.



gLeaf presents a catalog of cannabis flowers with irresistible bud-appeal and even better effects. The team’s master growers offer a vast selection of grade-A flowers such as the deep-purple nugs of Sanders OG or bright orange and lime green Citrique #2 and #3. Other heavy-hitters include Banana Split and Citrus Berry, a cross of  Blueberry x Skunk #1. gLeaf produces more than  flowers; the brand’s iHit is sure to make waves, too. iHit is a disposable vape pen that packs  250 mg of THC and provides a low-key and convenient way to medicate. gLeaf Gems are a fast-acting pick-me-up that maximizes bioavailability and discretion. Gems are lozenges with active cannabinoids that absorb through the sublingual glands to deliver swift, discreet relief w.


Lab Testing

The gLeaf team holds the safety and accuracy of its cannabis products to highest standards. All products are lab tested by a third party for heavy metals, pesticides, fungus and cannabinoid profiles.

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StarDawg, or Star Dawg, is a cross between a female Chemdawg 4 and a male Tres Dawg. Propagated by JJ Edwards of Top Dawg Seeds in 2011, Star Dawg is said to express a couple of phenotypes, one of which is considered Indica-dominant and the other considered to be Sativa-dominant.

While the most famous StarDawg pheno, the Guava cut, won first place in the Best Sativa category at the 2012 Denver High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, the strain has been updated and reissued four times since 2011.

The newest variations from StarDawg’s gene pool are referred to as the Illuminati, Corey Haim, and Kate Upton cuts. Despite sharing the same gene pool, each cut provides a slightly different flavor profile, smell, effect, plant structure, and flowering time. Of the varied cuts, Kate Upton is the most purple, Guava is the sweetest and produces the heaviest yields, while the Corey Haim and Illuminati cuts are claimed to be the most potent.

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