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4.7 stars

How to order from them ?

I’m just on weedmaps might be dumb question but theirs no info showing how to order or number ?

Incredibly well engineered

Gen X was having a promo at Exhale Med Center. I happened to be the last person who got the package. At first I was skeptical because the promo was on indica strains but as the expert (don’t know his name) said, these are engineered to provide great medicinal effects of Indica with minimal effects of dragging or slumpness. I didn’t even feel that hungry on this. It might’ve just been me but GenX appears to have taken their research to great precision and with specific targets to deliver various effects as desirable by patients without much of undesirable effects. Seems that there is something for everyone’s condition. Recreational wise, I found the indica really calming during meditation. Thank you for the amazing deal on the battery, 1 full gram of oil and herb!

Best product I’ve ever had!

You cannot go wrong with Gen X! Their product is top of the line and their service is impeccable. I will never go anywhere else. My friend let me try and it was nothing short of amazing. I myself like the purple fantasy and skunkberry! Passionate, delicious, Helpful, honest, consistent, THE BEST!


Picked up they’re Banana Og a couple days ago and it was AMAZING!! I haven’t found a banana strain with that true of a flavor ever..the exhale was sweet but straight Gas! Bottom Line I haven’t found a better flower strain out. The packaging definitely made a difference with freshness, it was resealable and kept fresh until I finished it..I will definitely be back for more👌🏾

Best flower on the market

I tried the purple fantansy and skunkberry and was overly impressed. The floral flavors of the skunk berry were of the hook. The purple fantasy was an amazing night time smoke. They have a bunch of flavors I can’t wait to try!!! I will defiantly recommend they’re flower to friends!

Skunkberry review

This weed has a great smell! I was skeptical at first, canned weed? You can't even see if it's fresh!!! But man let me tell you!!!! It is soooo fresh! So it smelled great, looked great, smoked great... But best of all it made me instantly great at fibbage (great game also highly recommend) I beat all my friends! It was great! Hella thumbs up!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍 Brittney Dispensary Sherman Oaks Collective Care

If it says GenX...I’m buying it

Some of the best flower and vapes I’ve seen in licensed shops. Their motto is for those who only demand the finest and they aren’t kidding. I’ve tried most of their vapes, all taste amazing and have great potency. Their flower game is strong af also. Picked up Purple Fantasy, OG kush and Skunkberry. Every strain looked, smelled and tasted amazing. All accompanied by fantastic highs. If it says GenX...I’m buying it. It’s nothing but the best.

Tried the Kalashnikova

Not good flavour. Taste like a wood stove. Might be from the added terps being as this is suppose to be an earthy strain. However I have liked earthy strains in the past I loved the nuken buds. This taste very bad I honestly havnt smoked it except the first couple hits so I cannot judge the strength of distallite. I will say the oil seems very thick and clear. The hits did not make me choke at all in fact it was hard to know your getting any smoke. The flyte pen I was using was a very heavy hitter I only took 3-4 pulls and I was done. I smoke blunts only so I do require a strong flavourful hit. Havnt given up on Gen x yet but unless you love wood stoves DO NOT BUY this flavour
Gen X
We do not have our products in Canada. If this was purchased in Canada it is fake and it was not made by GENX. We do plan on expanding to Canada very soon but at this time the only place Genx products are sold is in California. We are sorry you experienced this but it was not a REAL GENX Cartridge. We have not sold the flavor Kolishnikova since the end of 2015. We hope you will be able to try a authentic Genx cartridge sometime soon.
Official Response

Activated Oil

A spinal cord injury really hurts and the best way to medicate is ACTIVATED Golden CO2 thick indica oil taken under the tongue. By far the best hands down but it must be from really good flower.

Best Tasting Cartridge on the Market

I tried the one gram Gelato cartridge by GenX. Best cart I've ever had by far. It tastes absolutely amazing all the way down to the end. The discretion at which these pens are good for is irreplaceable. Just a few puffs and the high comes on real subtle and smooth. Perfect daytime smoke whether your in traffic, hanging out with friends or having a night out on the town. These GenX cartridges are a must have and I always make sure I have one on me.

The Truest Product.

There's plenty of these pens goin around an many of them aren't worth buying tbh. GenX has finally given us somthing that is top of the line. 5 stars in taste, potency & price. I wouldn't recommend any other product over GenX.

Mixed feeling about this!

Tried a Pineapple Express vape cartridge. Just like everyone's has been saying in their reviews, hits are smooth and clean. Come up is so sneaky you wouldn't even know that you are high for a while. Only reason I gave 3 stars is the price. I bought a cartridge for $85, expected something magnificent to blow my mind, but my mind was not blown. Rather disappointed. I would much rather stick with Flyte cartridges.

Jetfuel OG

Their vape cartridge is pretty good, it does not have a very strong flavor. I wish they would change their cartomizer to use a different kind, other than that, the pen hits well, it has subtle but nice terpenes.

No comparison

Love there's flowers and the oils are on fleek. You should try the honey hash mixed with the Bruce banner flower it is awesome
Dank Kevin

Clean Hits

No complaints about the oil, but the mouthpiece felt a little cheap to me, especially considering these go for like $60 a cartridge.


I like be this product. however, the whole product ruins my vape stick due to leak. 60 dollars down the drain!😔

Kimmy knows what's up

Such a cool girl if you haven't stopped by your missing out!! Friendly environment and dope people

Dope spot great service kimmy

Love the spot fire weed

smooth sleek nice to the touch

smokes clean, you can see the smoke and it hits you nice, recommend 100% when at work.


love the products