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GenX Biotech is a leader in bridging culture and science in the cannabis industry. GenX biotech is focused on extraction methodologies for scalable high volume production with licensed facilities in Southern California. Beginning in late 2016 with Molecular Perfection, "Water Clear" was a new type of THC distillate that GenX Biotech pioneered into the industry, giving their customers a 100% clean Pest FREE product. With the ever changing cannabis market GenX Biotech is also offering AAA indoor PEST FREE cannabis flower to diversify its portfolio, enhance its brand image and service the patients and customers who specificaly love flower not just vape cartridges.   Follow our IG, @genxtech for up to date product flavors, PAD's and new retail locations.  



Our core belief is to bring science into this industry.  We began as a cultural grass roots, high quality extracts compnay and began to evolve into a science focused biotech that prides itself on providing as much information and education on the cannabis plant and its effects on your body, as well as clean medicine.  Bridging culture & science is our mantra and we produce products for those Who Demand the Finest!

As extraction technologies for Cannabis industry evolve at a breakneck pace we are constantly refinning and modifying our methods to keep up with demand and quality as well as variety. What was largely a THC dominant industry has made way for CBD and other cannabinoid extracts for both medicinal and recreational products. Possibly in response to global regulatory reform driving consumer demand and expectations, extraction technologies have become more rigorous and the production of high quality cannabinoids devoid of pesticides, solvents or microbial contaminants has become the industry standard. Cannabis derived terpenes and essential oil standards are also on the rise as consumers are becoming self educated and demanding high quality products.

GenX Biotech Cannaibs Flower:

With our dedication to producing and providing clean high quality product we wanted to give our customers and patients the option of choosing flower or our vape line products.  Soon we will be matching our vape line with our flower line terpene profiles to give a more stream lined look and feel.  Keep a look out for our flower in a shop near you!  Tag us on IG and let us know how you feel!!  We would love to hear from you.

Gen X CBD Water:

Gen X’ dedication to best in class cannabis extractions is a relatable sentiment of many athletes that commit to becoming a master of their sport. It was only fitting that Gen X introduce a non-psychoactive, marijuana product addressing the needs of an active lifestyle. Gen X CBD Water is a hydration solution that utilizes the benefits of Cannabidiol. CBD provides relief from pain, suppresses muscle spasms, reduces inflammation, and offers a multitude of other health benefits.

“The faster you go, the harder you fall, and it’s not if you get injured, it’s when.” stated professional motocross racer Tyler Bereman. After a life changing motocross injury, Tyler could attest to the difference between using medical cannabis to commonplace painkillers, stating, “using marijuana I was always happy… But, if I’m being prescribed these pills I’m a totally different person 10 minutes later.”

Gen X CBD Water offers pure and natural solutions that empower users to play through the pain without the side effects of pharmaceutical pain medications. X Games professionals know better than anyone the degree of pain and gnarly injuries that occur in their sport. Gen X proudly bridges the gap between marijuana and a community of bold X Games athletes in need of effective and potent medication.

Gen X embraces the adventurous and daring spirit of Motocross, the X Games, and what so many in the cannabis community possess. The desire to push harder and dream bigger is well supported through their line of concentrates and the newest addition, Gen X CBD Water. For those who demand only the finest.

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The Truest Product.

There's plenty of these pens goin around an many of them aren't worth buying tbh. GenX has finally given us somthing that is top of the line. 5 stars in taste, potency & price. I wouldn't recommend any other product over GenX.

If it says GenX...I’m buying it

Some of the best flower and vapes I’ve seen in licensed shops. Their motto is for those who only demand the finest and they aren’t kidding. I’ve tried most of their vapes, all taste amazing and have great potency. Their flower game is strong af also. Picked up Purple Fantasy, OG kush and Skunkberry. Every strain looked, smelled and tasted amazing. All accompanied by fantastic highs. If it says GenX...I’m buying it. It’s nothing but the best.

Best product I’ve ever had!

You cannot go wrong with Gen X! Their product is top of the line and their service is impeccable. I will never go anywhere else. My friend let me try and it was nothing short of amazing. I myself like the purple fantasy and skunkberry! Passionate, delicious, Helpful, honest, consistent, THE BEST!