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5 stars

best tasting tinctures

I find these best before going to bed after a longs day work. a few sips of this will have you dreaming in no time. 10-10

whole line

The whole line is amazing, tried it all and have already ordered more! Great/fast service love this company!

Whip it

Picked up on some whip it helps alot for my skin.... Got it from og exclusive..... Cant wait to pick up on some more tropicals..... Dope product's.

Yesss i love love

So i love the lip it... Works so perfect for the summer dry lips and i cant wait to use it for winter....inlove with this product... And owner is super dope.. And loves her patient's.

Cbd whip it, whip it good 😍

I absolutely LOVE the cbd whip it, I received it once in a goodie bag and couldn't get enough! My mother also had the opportunity to try, and love some products to deal with her ALS before passing. A wonderful woman with great product knowledge and is passionate and caring about her patients💕

One of the product lines I've tried

This product line is amazing! My art studio would be lost with out the healing powers of Heal It. My cats insist on 1:1 Pet It in their food now. My tattoos have never been brighter then after using Ink It. The smell of Whip IT is wonderful. I love tea, but have a hard time finding medicated ones I like, Gemstonz Black Tea is soooo good, I still need to try the Green Tea. Make sure to get some Honey too for your tea! The first Gemstonz product I tried was Lip It about a year and half ago, and my purse hasn't been without one since! If you love topicals give this line a try!


Happy to have a company to trust and not worry about the hassle, got to meet owner once is a great person doing great things!

Great high quality CBD product variety!

Great to see a company that has a high quality products as well as a wide ranging line up for patients like me. Medicine first! 😁

I love gemstonz products

Lip it, whip it, and treat it are all go to medicated topicals for me. I love these products and the detail put into them.

Love love love

Had the opportunity to try the CBD whip it and OMG I absolutely fell in love with it. Definitely gonna go back and try more product. Thank you for all the love you put into your product, definitely looking out for your patients.

The best

Your product is absolutely amazing and one of the best products I've tried so far! As well as Your dog treats are fuego and helps our dog tremendously ! Thank your for all your hard work and devotion to the cannabis community , you are truly an amazing good spirit woman! Thank you gemstonz

Review time

Thanks @gemstonz for all that you guys do for the patients ur product is alsome 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from LilManRosinProductsReviewsand FeedBacks check me out on Instagram @lilman_710 thanks again


I purchased the ''Whip It CBD'' topical and it is the BEST. I use it to help with the chronic back pain I deal with, from the result of a car accident. It is instant relief and I love putting it on after a hot shower. My pain goes away and I feel like I can do anything. I then injured my new a few years back and boy do I love it for that as well (no matter the exercise/therapy there is nothing that helps my knee other than the Whip It CBD). Ladies I recently starting using it for my cramps which get bad and its a Must Have Product for that time of the month. Mine will keep me up at night, but like I said earlier Instant Relief with Gemstonz products. Another great thing about this product is a Little goes a Long way.

Best medicine

I purchased the "Shoote It" product. Both of my hands had bad patches of eczema. They started from the inside of my fingers then later spread around my whole wrist. After applying soothe it 2 times a day my eczema stopped irritating. After, a week and half my eczema started to clear up. My skin was replenished and not beat up by all my itching. I'm very pleased with this product and I have not tried others, but I'm surely convinced they all work ! THANK YOU


Absolutely love everything we have tried! Nothing disappoints! She's a supporter of the veterans which is a huge plus! She is also such an amazing person!

Classy products..."It" works!

I've had the opportunity to try almost all of these products, and it's without a doubt that there has been a tremendous amount of care and study into making this fabulous line of canna topicals, tinctures and edibles. The beautifully designed packaging speaks to the quality of ingredients as these truly are "Gems". People swarm her booth at events to try the balms, and she has gained some award winning attention with her products which are cleverly named as well. It's hard to find products which will also be safe remedies for pets. And we do LOVE our pets. The dog treats are great, and tasty enough for you to eat too. LOL... but true! Picking a favorite would be a challenge, as I enjoy all the topicals...especially for this aging, and over worked body of mine! You'll look better, and feel better. You "ROCK IT" Gemtonz! Thank you for the tenacity you've put into this market place for us to benefit from.

The only brand that takes care of me and my cat!

I'm a glass blower, I burn myself way more often then I want to admit, but Gemstonez Heal It next to my torch keeps me able to work even after a burn and heals it faster then anything I've used yet! I have a 16yearold cat named Harley, he has kitty IBS and the Squirt it pets1:1 keeps his stomach calm and him happy! Gemstonez is one of my favorite cannabis brands, if you haven't tried it you are missing out!