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Welcome back to The REAL Gas Co.  We are award winning cultivators (Tommy Chong's Blazers cup Exotic 1st place, Dab-A-Thon Cub 1st place Hybrid & indica Flower) who do everything in house. Indoor Farm to clinic. Single Source. Check out our flowers and concentrates grown by us, processed by us, for YOU to enjoy at a cheaper price point because we grew it ourselves. Please drop a review review on our delivery pages to get us going!

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Best Flower

Gas Co. is the best flower available as far as I’m concerned. Never a disappointment. Always fresh and potent.


I’ve been following this company for a while and they by far have the best quality of buds and extracts I’ve ever seen. Whether it’s the indicas that put my dick in the dirt or the sativas that put me strait to work nothing else compares. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself to some premium gas. Only by the GasCo

Hands down the best in SB

I used to run a shop here in Chino called SBPA 8 or 9 years ago.... since then I have had to make the drive to places like TLC or WHTC if I wanted true fire flowers. Today that shit changed. No joke the flower I received (at fair prices) is better than anything out here, and absolutely contends and is on the same shelf as either of the two places mentioned above. If you need some of the most quality tasting, beautiful and potent buds, that deliver with a killer high, look no further. This place truly delivers what their name says they will, GAS! Much love to you guys, I will absolutely be a returning patient. Stay blessed.