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Welcome back to The REAL Gas Co.  We are award winning cultivators (Tommy Chong's Blazers cup Exotic 1st place, Dab-A-Thon Cub 1st place Hybrid & indica Flower) who do everything in house. Indoor Farm to clinic. Single Source. Check out our flowers and concentrates grown by us, processed by us, for YOU to enjoy at a cheaper price point because we grew it ourselves. Please drop a review review on our delivery pages to get us going!

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Weed game is Wack

Only delivery service in history to get “shut down” 🤦‍♂️ for real? That’s just your business motto ,open a few months whether it be storefront or delivery then shut down for a long time and just stunt on the gram like your still on deck come on y’all get it together already , that’s even if you care about your real customers!

extremely disappointed

montclair branch sold me an ounce of hermie flower with nanners on it. when I mentioned it they rebranded the flower, and ignored the feedback. they then rebranded the same flower again, and sold it for $110/oz less than I paid. they then had my review deleted. I'm literally heartbroken I've loved gas co and have dreamt about growing seeds from their parent company the vault seed bank. now I'm going to make an effort to not patronize any of your associated business going forward. you aren't the only company selling quality flower for good prices and your genetics aren't any more special than what is offered by other seed banks. I could not be more disappointed with these business strategies. you reply to bad reviews that are just throwing shade all the time, yet you didnt acknowledge my honest review for a second. best of luck in your future endeavors, and I'm sure you'll just get this review deleted as well. you've lost me as a customer. one of your branches pushed me away for good.

fire bud... lab tests?

I have tried their flower and it is good. the only thing that worries me is that it was not lab tested and I will assume none of their products are and so they got shut down. its cool you gasco pushes some fire but they should not act like they some legit shop because very clearly they are not. award winning, exotic strains, all one source, who gives a f×$!. is it clean? thats the real question. you want some fire? look around especially if you in Cali just about any legit shop will have some fire. want more proof gasco is not legit.. no licensed dispensaries sells gasco.. and typical of weedmaps to be pushing all these brands that will only disappear in a couple of months all for a little profit. f%!# weedmaps and any service selling dirty product