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4.7 stars

Love this brand

Flurish edibles rock!!!!


best gummies I've ever had


Met the dude a few days ago at Patient Appreciation Day. He was awesome! Very knowledgeable and informative. Really enjoyed the visit and samples! Hope to see you again for the next appreciation event for my gummies!

Flurish @ GreenDot

I ran into Ivan at green dot, best costumer service ever. He offered me great tasting samples and was having a great promotion buy one get one for a dollar. I grabbed 4 cartridges and my friend got a couple as well. Can’t wait for you to come back and do buy one get one for a dollar on edibles.

IVAN !!!

Met him at a patient appreciate at green dot on Friday and he was great! Such a great vibe plussss hooked me up 🙌🏼

Over all review

I’ve been using flurish for quite a while now. I love the cartridges and even the disposables for on the go. My favorite edible is the Indica crangerine. I love how they come individually wrapped pieces. Thanks Ivan for all the great info on Friday.


Jessica was very helpful and knows a lot about the products! I will definitely try other products!!

Best Gummys and cartridges I've ever had.

Bought these Flurish gummys 100mg from my local dispensary and they were just perfect. Not too much but not too little, the high was just right. I also got the new strain specific carts. I usually buy stiiizy but they always leak, so I had to make the switch. I've always heard good things of Flurish so I thought I give it a try, and I am super impressed with the results. Thank you Flurish I'm a customer for life!

Gummy edibles

The best gummy edibles there are in the game rn. Always recommend. GO Flurish

Flurish is the new wave 🌊

Flurish is the bar setter for premium cannabis products! Flurish takes quality to the next level. From the packaging to the extremely potent edible itself, I’m amazed by it all. Flurish is the wave 🤙🏽


Love this product! Easy to use, no charging, and the Jack Herer Awaken is a cool, mellow high.


I am my grandmas caregiver! She has Dimentia really bad!!! She wakes up in the middle of the night at 2,3 and 430 completely confused, randomly and its never consistent! I just recently found out that if I weren't caring for her, she'd already be in hospice!!! So I've been doing everything I can to keep her hydrated and fed and comfortable, it's hard to get her to eat and sleep through thenight which makes this a 24/7 job. Recently I got the ok from her primary physician and neurologist to give her edibles for her appetite and sleep and let me tell you, the Flurish gummies are amazing!! With just 1 at night She sleeps completely through the night and wakes up hungry wanting to eat! Complete lifesavers!! Thank you Flurish and thank you Bri for the recommendation!!

the cartridge is 🔥🔥🔥

the quality of the distilles on the mango flourish pen is a1 !!! first time trying it didn't think much but the high is consistent and smooth 💣💣 love their pens and have been hearing about their edibles gotta try soon !!! keep up the great work flourish!!!

potency was perfect!

I've been eating edibles for the past 2.5 years due to getting in a pretty horrific accident. my friends and family were turning me onto all different types of edibles and gummies. first one was kushy punch, omg I spat that nasty shit out right when it went in. next tried some chocolates but not into them. finally tried me a pineapple sativa and wow, not only did it taste freaking amazing but it was the best high for me! helped me get off pain meds, relieved me from my discomfort and didn't taste like I was eating straight weed like that nasty kushy punch crap. life long customer here guys, thank you! I buy them at OC3 in santa ana, love that shop!

What happened to the bang?

I’ve been buying this product for over a year. The tabs have gotten smaller. The dosage is supremely weak. Why did you guys change!!!!
Yes we have changed the size of our gummies, but our formula has not changed. If you reach out to our customer service, they can help resolve your bad experience. customerservice@flurishgroup.com
Official Response

pineapple sativa is my go to

I was a bit concerned when I saw their new molds because they were smaller, but when i ate my favorite gummy it was still bomb af and hit like always. appreciate them still delivering that fire!

My new first and final choice!

Now I don’t always use a cannabis vape or edible, but when I do, it’s from Flurish...’ the most interesting cannabis enthusiast in the world Wow. I’m really impressed with this company. I tried the pineapple concentrate/ vape and it was smooth and the flavor surprised me. Normally I avoid pens as the pepper aspect annoys me. Well that’s now in the past, thanks to Flurish. Can’t wait to try other flavors. Also, they’re production and quality control is at the standard i hope by now most enthusiasts expect. I also tried the watermelon gummies... not only were they delicious, but the experience was very smooth and steady. I’m always nervous w edibles not knowing what to expect, but what a pleasurable experience with the Flurish watermelon. I’ll be looking forward to anything new down the road from this group, but will enjoy all that’s available currently! Although it’s available in Pasadena where I live, more dispensaries and delivery services need to stock all things Flurish!

Best Gummies Ever!!


I would give zero stars if I could

Listen ya’ll...I’m an avid edible connoisseur. I realize I have a tolerance and I’m ALWAYS careful when consuming new (to me) edibles. So, per the usual, I was careful when I ate these particular edibles for my first time. I started with only a half gummy of the 150 mg (total sum of all doses). Waited...felt nothing...no biggie since, like I said, I’ve got a bit of a tolerance built up. Fast forward to today. In total I have eaten 3 out of the four doses that come in the pack and I’m feeling zip, zilch, NADAH. Several hours have passed too there’s plenty of time that I should have felt something...ANYthing. Even my husband who has a lower tolerance for edibles than me, took a whole dose and didn’t feel crapola. So, I dunno guys. I think these little gummy gems are a total flop. Total bummer! And PS- could we get with the times and not make these gummies with gelatin?! I mean really guys! Animal products are sooooo out! Try pectin for goodness sake. 🙄


I tried the Flurish gummies and Flurish cartridges and they are AMAZING! I have tried many different edibles, but Flurish gummies taste the absolute best. Everything is 100mg now so why not try the best tasting edibles out there? The consistency is nice in the gummy and it really gets you high, but with no headache or side effects. The Flurish cartridges taste amazing and is super potent. I was really high and it felt really nice on my body and mind. I would recommend anyone that wants edibles to try the gummies and anyone that wants a great tasting cartridge to try their cartridges as well. The cartridge has an adjustable airflow which is nice to take a big hit or small hit. I take a big hit personally, but I have a high tolerance and strong lungs. They also use natural terpenes which I like and the oil is very potent at over 85%. Keep it up Flurish you have a fan for life!